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Office of the Dean of Students

Welcome from the Dean of Students

Greetings Splitters,

As your Dean, it’s my honor to welcome you. For first-year and transfer students, thank you for joining us. For returning students, thank you for continuing to journey with us. I am privileged to serve as your Dean of Students and focus my leadership on fostering a campus environment that is not only safe and welcoming, but also empowers you to fully realize your personal potential while pursuing your goals and aspirations. I am to continuously champion your student needs in all facets of my work.

Welcome Home

I am thrilled you have chosen to make Lincoln Memorial University your home for the next few years. My hope is that you always feel at home here and know that the Railsplitter community is here to welcome you home each and every time you step foot on campus.

Get Connected

My team and I care about you and want you to have a fulfilling experience in your studies and extracurricular activities. From student organizations to events, your opportunities to get involved are limitless. Our goal is always to provide a robust co-curricular experience for Lincoln Memorial University students.

Do Good

We hope these transformational experiences enhance your time at Lincoln Memorial University and equip you with the ability to participate actively and make meaningful contributions within the university community and beyond. Take every opportunity to support your fellow splitter, today, tomorrow, and every day.



Elise Syoen

Your Dean of Students


  •   Food, & Clothing Insecurity

    Students who are seeking assistance with food & clothing insecurity are encouraged to utilize the resources available to all students on LMU's campus including Lincoln's Cupboard and Lincoln's Closet. 

    Lincoln's Cupboard

    Location: Behind the LMU-College of Veterinary Medicine building in the former location of the organic garden center.

    Hours of Operation: Varies by Semester

    Stocked weekly with fresh and canned food as well as hygiene items, Lincoln’s Cupboard is open to members of the LMU community, regardless of their financial situation or income.

    Lincoln's Closet

    Location: 609 Colwyn Avenue in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

    Hours of Operation: Varies by Semester 

    In addition to free clothes, the WOS volunteers at Lincoln’s Closet will provide tips on how to dress to impress and build a personal brand. Students may select items for an interview or everyday career needs. Shoes and accessories are also available. The clothing has been donated in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors. 

  •   Pregnant & Parenting Students

    Lincoln Memorial University's (LMU) Office of Institutional Compliance & Title IX is proud to serve our pregnant and parenting students. Under Title IX, pregnant and parenting students have rights as they relate to their access to education.

    More Information for Pregnant & Parenting Students 

  •   Getting Involved

    There are a variety of ways to get involved on campus, including clubs/organizations and student leadership roles such as Lincoln Ambasadors, RAILs, and Resident Assistants! We have a multitude of clubs and organizations at LMU ranging from academic-based organizations to interest and identity-based organizations to application-based roles.

    Splitter Connect is our campus engagement platform that features all of our student clubs and organizations!

  •   Academic Success
    Coming Soon!
  •   Harassment & Discrimination

    The Office of Institutional Compliance oversees the University's compliance with federal law and handles all complaints of discrimination. The Title IX Coordinator is designated to oversee the University's compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. The Title IX Coordinator coordinates the University's response to alleged discrimination on the basis of sex, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, in accordance with the University's policies and procedures. The Deputy Title IX Coordinator(s) & Compliance Officer(s) support the Title IX Coordinator in these efforts.

    Submit a Title IX Report

    Additional Information Regarding Title IX & Harrassment/Discrimination

  •   Mental Health Support

    Students at LMU have access to confidential mental health counseling and care. The staff of the Lincoln Memorial University Office of Mental Health Counseling help current students overcome the personal, career, and academic concerns that often stand in the way of them reaching their full potential. Counselors provide free, short-term treatment typically lasting between five to eight sessions per semester, however, treatment may extend beyond eight sessions when appropriate. 

    Schedule an Appointment

    Additional Information

  •   Student Government Association (SGA)

    The mission of Lincoln Memorial University Student Government Association is to facilitate effective communication between students, faculty, staff, and administration to represent them in striving towards an ideal learning community. The Lincoln Memorial University SGA will continuously adapt their policies for the benefit of the student body.

    Additional Information Regarding LMU's Student Government Association

  •   Student Conduct & Community Standards

    In Student Services, we aim to help you maximize the potential of your experience as a Railsplitter by adhering to this philosophy of President Lincoln. In the Office of Community Standards, we have the privilege and responsibility of helping our Railsplitters by creating and cultivating a thriving Railsplitter Community - one that fosters mutual respect for self, others, and the world around us. This will help the Railsplitters grow in their understanding of President Lincoln's aforementioned “cause and effect." Your decisions and behaviors will play a vital role in ensuring that your LMU experience is full of learning, fun new experiences, growth, and relationships that will last a lifetime.

    The Railsplitter Nation is more than just a close-knit community of students, faculty, & staff—we’re a family!

    In the pages of the Railsplitter Community Standards Guide, you will find helpful information that details our expectations for the Railsplitter Community. In order for our community to thrive, we must all own our part in fostering an atmosphere of respect: for each other, for our beautiful campus & facilities, and for our own personal health and safety. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the contents of this Community Standards Guide and let it serve as a guide to your LMU experience.

    Welcome to the Railsplitter Community, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

  •   Leadership & Outreach (Community Service)

    In the Office of Student Leadership and Outreach, we are looking to provide opportunities for students both on and off campus to complete the Student Service Initiative while they are a student here at LMU.

    Community Service Hours must be submitted by May 1st at the end of each academic year to receive credit for the hours you completed. You need to complete 10 hours per semester or 20 hours by the end of each year. The form to submit your hours is under the Student Services Initiative tab.

    If you have questions about what types of events are available on and off campus to complete community service hours, please reach out using the contact information below:


    Sheri Schatz 

    Assistant Dean of Students

    DAR 218

    Phone: 423.869.6842

    Email: [email protected]