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Student Community Service Initiative

A significant component of the Lincoln Memorial University experience is service. Our University Mission Statement stresses the importance of service to the development of the whole person. We believe "a major cornerstone of a meaningful existence is service to humanity; service to the community where one lives; and service in a global and diverse society with an emphasis on the underserved."

All students receiving institutional financial assistance at LMU are expected to participate in the Student Service Initiative. This program allows students to broaden their horizons and become involved in community and service-learning projects. The University encourages and helps facilitate paths for students to provide service opportunities on an individual basis.

For questions and additional information, contact Sheri Schatz, Assistant Dean of Students, at 423.869.6842, or email at: [email protected].

Student Service Initiative FAQs

What is the Student Service Initiative?

The Student Service Initiative is an opportunity for students receiving Institutional Financial Aid from Lincoln Memorial University to broaden their horizons and become involved in service-learning projects and community service.

Who Participates in the Program?

Participants in the SSI program are all undergraduate students receiving any form of financial aid from LMU (for example, sports scholarships, Lincoln Grants, and academic awards).

How Does the Program Work?

Students that receive institutional aid are encouraged to participate in 10-hours of community service per semester. The Student Service Initiative will include only those projects and initiatives that do not include internships and payable service.

What are the Program's Advantages?

  • Satisfaction of giving something back while enrolled at LMU
  • Hands-on experience in a field unrelated or directly related to the student's course of study
  • Increased marketability and enhancement of future job opportunities
  • Prelude to a lifelong learning experience
  • Increased opportunity to meet people and engage in activities outside the customary, day-to-day world
  • Opportunity to participate and help people on a volunteer basis

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Assistant Dean of Students
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