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Pregnant and Parenting Student Resources


Lincoln Memorial University's (LMU) Office of Institutional Compliance & Title IX is proud to serve our pregnant and parenting students. Under Title IX, pregnant and parenting students have rights as they relate to their access to education. If you are pregnant or parenting, Title IX protections and related, reasonable academic adjustments include but may not be limited to the following:

  • Guaranteed Access to Classes & School Activities
  • Excused Absences and Medical Leave
  • Protection from Harassment
  • Access to Title IX Policies and Procedures

For detailed information relating to your rights as a pregnant or parenting student, visit the Office of Civil Rights' "Know Your Rights: Pregnant or Parenting? Title IX Protects You From Discrimination At School" webpage.

Contact LMU's Title IX Coordinator and Institutional Compliance Officer for pregnant and parenting student resources, support, and adjustments at

NOTE: Title IX does NOT cover disabilities or disability-related accommodations. Pregnancy is NOT a disability. Parental status is NOT a disability. For disability accommodations (as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act) related to pregnancy and/or parenting-related conditions, contact Mr. Jason Davis, Assistant Director of Accessible Education Services, at You may also review Accessible Education Services at this link. For further information related to pregnancy, disabilities, and disability accommodations, review the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) "Pregnancy Discrimination and Pregnancy-Related Disability Discrimination" webpage.