LMU G.P.A Program

 LMU Guaranteed Professional Admission (GPA)

From Undergraduate Early Decision Admissions to Professional Pathway Acceptance

The LMU Guaranteed Professional Admission (GPA Program) is a unique program of Lincoln Memorial University that allows high-achieving, highly motivated high school seniors to earn guaranteed acceptance into one of our professional degree pathways upon successful completion of their Undergraduate degree at LMU. Each professional program has slightly different benchmarks and requirements along the way, but is committed to offering successful GPA program participants a head start on their professional education.

Below, you will find some general GPA program application guidelines and requirements, along with all of the necessary deadlines. The first step is for any interested senior to apply to LMU via our Undergraduate Application. Then, the supplemental GPA program application must also be submitted. Finally, each professional pathway has specific admission requirements and/or benchmarks that must be completed along the way to beginning professional education.

Overall, the GPA program is designed to offer high-achieving and highly motivated seniors the opportunity to begin cementing their educational and career goals during their undergraduate education, while using that foundation to catapult them into a guaranteed acceptance in their professional education.

GPA Supplemental Application

 GPA Program Requirements & Timeline

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GPA Program Requirements:

  • Submit LMU Undergraduate Application
  • Submit LMU GPA Supplemental Application, including 2 letters of reference.
  • These letters must be written by a non-relative, and ideally speak to your character, academic disposition, and any field-relevant experience you have garnered to date. 
  • Additionally, these letters should be submitted by a guidance counselor, science teacher, coach, or employer.
  • Submit qualifying ACT/SAT test scores. Note: Each professional program has different standards regarding standardized tests, so please thoroughly read through the LMU GPA webpage dedicated to your chosen professional pathway.
  • Submit a 650-word (minimum) written personal statement that details 1) how you chose this professional path and 2) what your professional career goals are.
  • Be prepared to make travel arrangements for late March- early April 2021 to participate in the GPA Interview Experience (Contingent upon your acceptance into the LMU GPA program).
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GPA Program Deadlines:

  • January 25, 2021- G.P.A Application Opens
  • January/February 2021- ACT/SAT scores are due to LMU
  • March 6, 2021- Application deadline for early decision into GPA Program Pathway
  • Late March/Early April** - LMU GPA Program Interview Experience (more details to come)
  • Mid-Late April 2021**- LMU GPA Program Acceptance Letters are sent out
  • May 3, 2021**- Deadline to submit deposit and accept seat in LMU GPA Program

** Please note that timelines and decisions will be at the discretion of each professional program/school and are subject to change. **


3rd year student Crystal Jackson

GPA Program Perks


In today's competitive realm of higher education, students and their families want to make sure they get a good return on investment. In fact, this is one reason LMU created the GPA Program-- to help high-achieving students enter professional education pathways sooner! Check out a few of the perks by being a part of the GPA program: 

  • The opportunity to choose early decision admittance to your desired undergraduate program
  • blood pressure cuffBe paired with a specialized undergraduate program advisor
  • Be connected to a professional faculty or staff member in your chosen professional school to assist in your transition and benchmark achievement
  • Preferential Housing: Since GPA program participants are required to live on campus during their first year of undergraduate studies, as a GPA program participant, you will receive preferential housing (if available).
  • Registered to win an LMU book voucher (if available)
  • Receive some LMU school-spirit swag from your chosen professional degree pathway program.
  • Scaffolded support throughout your undergraduate journey to assist with successful completion of professional program benchmarks and pre-requisites.
  • Depending on your chosen entry pathway, you may even get to begin your professional studies during your final year of undergraduate study…thus saving you a full year of tuition and associated costs!