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Equine Veterinary Education Program

The Equine Veterinary Education Program at Lincoln Memorial University is the first of its kind among the more than 30 veterinary schools in the United States. Participants will enter the program as undergraduates, completing two years of undergraduate study before beginning the four-year veterinary doctoral program with a strong emphasis on equine medicine. It will offer students summer immersive experiences at some of the world’s leading ranches, Thoroughbred farms, professional trainers, and veterinary hospitals.

The program is being coordinated with the aid of Dr. Eleanor Green and Dr. Jim Heird, both esteemed equine professionals who led the Equine Initiative at Texas A&M’s College of Veterinary Medicine where they served as Dean and Coordinator, respectively. As long-time professionals in the industry, they are first-hand witnesses to the need for qualified veterinarians. Since the cost of education has been a barrier for many of those interested in the profession, this program’s fast-track approach will reduce the cost to the student and increase the numbers of equine veterinary specialists for horse owners and veterinary practices.

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