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Selected Program Policies

Program Policies

All PA Students must comply with LMU student policies and procedures published in the LMU Student Handbook which can be accessed electronically (

Program policies and procedures apply to all students, Principal Faculty, and the Program Director whether on-campus or off-campus at a Clinical Site. Where Program policies and/or procedures exceed LMU student policies and/or procedures and/or create enhanced or additional obligations for the PA Student, Program policies and procedures shall apply. The policies and procedures of Clinical Affiliates who provide supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPEs) may supersede the Program's policies and procedures.

Immunizations and Health Screening

Prior to matriculation and prior to beginning supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPEs), students must have a licensed health care provider verify the student's immunization, tuberculosis screening, and urine drug screening status relative to Program requirements. Students must also submit a Medical Clearance Form, completed by a licensed health care provider, confirming whether they meet the Minimum Technical Standards for Enrollment and Progression and are medically cleared to participate fully in the Program's curriculum prior to matriculation and prior to beginning SCPEs. Matriculating students receive the forms for the health care provider to complete with the matriculation packet.

Student health records are confidential and are not accessible to or reviewed by Program Principal or Instructional Faculty or staff except for immunization and tuberculosis screening results. Except in an emergency situation, the Program Director, Medical Director, and Principal Faculty may not participate as health care providers for students in the Program.

Student Health Insurance

Students enrolled in the Program must maintain and provide evidence of health insurance coverage prior to matriculation and prior to beginning supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPEs). Students are responsible for all costs associated with health insurance coverage. LMU does not provide health insurance coverage for students.

Identification as a Physician Assistant Student (PA-S)

All students must identify themselves as a Physician Assistant Student (PA-S) at all times and in all settings. Students must never present themselves as a physician, resident, medical student, graduate PA, or as a current colleague of Clinical Preceptors. Use of titles earned prior to matriculation into the Program is not permitted (e.g. EMT, RN, Ph.D., etc.) when representing the Program.

During orientation the first week of the Summer 1 semester, students will be issued a name badge that identifies them as a DCOM at LMU-Knoxville PA Student. Students must wear this name badge at all times while on-campus,
during SCPEs, and in any other setting where they are representing the Program.

Failure to follow the Identification as a Physician Assistant Student Policy is a breach of the Student Code of Conduct.
Students found to be in breach of this policy will be referred to the SPC for a recommendation of disciplinary action
which may include dismissal from the Program.