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The Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program at Lincoln Memorial University is a two-plus-two program. Students complete two years of general education courses in collateral science requirements and apply for entry into the MLS program in their junior year. Students receive hands-on clinical training each semester in their junior and senior years.

High school graduates with no college credits can complete the entire program in 4-years (four spring and four fall semesters) with no summer sessions. Students who have completed a Bachelor in Science (BS) degree with all collateral sciences courses only need 42 credit hours of MEDLS didactic and clinical classes to meet the BS MLS degree requirements.



LMU GPA Program

The Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) Guaranteed Professional Admission (GPA Program) is a unique program that allows motivated high school seniors to earn guaranteed acceptance into one of our professional degree pathways after they complete their undergraduate program benchmarks.

The medical laboratory program offers a per-physician assistant (PA) school and a pre-medical school curriculum plan. Each professional pathway has specific admission requirements and/or benchmarks that you must complete to begin your professional education. To learn more and to apply to the LMU's GPA program, visit our LMU GPA program website. 

Admission Procedure 

Students must first be admitted to the University before formally applying for admission to the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Program. Admission to the University, however, does not guarantee admission to the MLS program. Apply to the University at LMU Admissions.

Admission to the program is competitive and admission consideration factors include cumulative grade point average (GPA), chemistry and biological science cumulative GPA, history of academic success such as the completion of an Associate or Bachelor of Science degree, etc.

The MLS Admissions Committee comprised of faculty members of the Medical Laboratory Science Department will review all applicants’ materials and will make the admission recommendations to the Program Director, who will then, in turn, notify each applicant of their admission status. It should be noted that any omission, false or misleading information in the application process will preclude the student from being considered for admission and will result in a previously admitted student being dismissed from the MLS program. 

Application Requirements

1. Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 65 credit hours of general education and collateral science requirements with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher.

2. Completion of 8 credit hours in chemistry with laboratory and a minimum of 8 credit hours of biological science with labs.

3. Submission of official academic transcripts from all postsecondary schools attended.

4. Admission to Lincoln Memorial University as a declared medical laboratory science major.

5. Completion of the formal application for admission process. (Please get in touch with Dr. Bill Engle at [email protected] for more details.) 

6. Completion and submission of the medical profile physical form and official evidence of a negative urine drug screen. These are to be completed at the applicant’s own expense. Also, please be aware that in certain academic programs requiring internship or placement in a medical facility, (including Medical Laboratory Science), a criminal background check and/or an additional chain-of-custody urine drug screen may be required by affiliate agencies and organizations. If required, these tests would be administered at the student’s expense.  

COVID-19 Vaccination/Booster

Matriculating and enrolled students in the LMU Medical Laboratory Science Program are not required but are encouraged to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination/booster. Students may apply for an exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine/booster through LMU. The Program will make every reasonable effort to accommodate clinical site placement for students who do not have proof of COVID-19 vaccination/booster or who have an exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine/booster through LMU; however, since clinical sites may require proof of COVID-19 vaccination/booster and may not accept an exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine/booster, this may result in a delay in graduation or failure to complete the Program.