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Biology Pre-Professional Undergraduate Program

Biology Pre-Health

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1 and unique hands-on learning experiences, the Biology Pre-Health track at LMU is a comprehensive four-year degree program preparing you for advancement into a professional graduate program. From day one, you will be paired with an advisor to help you structure your coursework to be competitive and prepare you for the rigors of graduate and professional schools. In addition, we encourage you to pursue the particular area of interest that inspires you and will help you take on research projects you're passionate about.

From the start, you will interface directly with students and diverse faculty from our graduate and professional school programs. Many of our undergraduate biology pre-med courses crossover with the graduate schools, exposing you early to the types of advanced work you'll find in professional-level academic curriculums.

Our Biology Pre-Health Program courses are held in the Hamilton Math and Science building, which is less than 10 years old and features over four biology labs designed specifically for our undergraduate biology programs. Your experience at LMU is guaranteed to be unique and specialized to your interests with the realms of health and biology.

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Guaranteed Professional Admission for Biology Pre-Health Majors

Because we know you're already planning to take your education to an advanced level with a pre-professional major, LMU has founded a unique program to promise you a future spot. You can get guaranteed admission to transition to a professional degree program after completing your undergraduate degree in biology pre-med. Only at LMU can motivated students ensure their placement into medical school or another advanced graduate program before they finish their undergraduate studies.

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Graduate and Professional School Placements

Many of our biology graduates have gone on to become medical professionals, teachers, and researchers. Our students boast high placement rates into both graduate and professional schools. Additionally, graduates of the pre-med biology program at LMU have a 100% employment rate in secondary education.

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Example First Year Schedule

Want to know what it would be like as a student in the Biology Pre-Med program at LMU? Below is a real schedule that represents the types of courses you can expect as a pre-professional student.

First Semester - Fall

Course Hours
ENGL 101 Composition I * 3
UACT 100 Strategies for College Success * 2
BIOL 111 General Biology I & Lab *#
(Prerequisite: Successful Completion (C- or better) BIOL 100, placement in ENGL 101, OR ACT/SAT reading/verbal score of 23)
MATH 120 Trigonometry *#
(Prerequisite: Successful completion (C- or better) of MATH 115, OR Math ACT sub-score of 23 or higher)
BIOL 194 Pre-Med Seminar # 1
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I & Lab #
(Prerequisite: Successful completion (C– or better) of Math 105, 115, or 120, OR Math ACT sub-score of 23 higher, Fall)
Total Credits 17

First Semester - Spring

Course Hours
ENGL 102 Composition II * 3
LNCN 100 Lincoln's Life & Legacy * 1
BIOL 112 General Biology II & Lab *#
(Prerequisite: Successful completion (Cor better) of BIOL 111 with lab)
CHEM 112 General Chemistry II & Lab #
(Prerequisite: Successful completion (C- or better) of Chem 111 with lab, Spring)
MATH 270 Probability & Statistics #
(Prerequisite for BIOL 380)
Total Credits 15

Worried about a course becoming full, or not full enough? Don't be! Many of our courses with yet to be determined schedules will be planned around the availability of interested students. We will make sure you're getting an opportunity to pursue your special interests and knock out those required courses at the same time.

Pre-Med Biology Four Year Plan

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