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Exercise and Rehabilitation Science

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The Sport and Exercise Science Department provides students with an understanding of the physiological, biomechanical, and psychological effects of exercise on the human body. The Department offers three majors, each designed to prepare students for a wide range of careers in fast-growing fields of wellness, and fitness.


Degrees Offered

The Sport and Exercise Science Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in:

Both the general and the pre-professional Exercise Science degrees will prepare students to enter the field of Exercise Science. However, the degree options differ in terms of students' preparation for post-degree programs. Students that plan to attend professional school, such as occupational therapy, should enroll in the General Exercise Science - Pre OTD degree program. Students who plan to enroll in physical therapy, should enroll in the Exercise and Rehabilitation Science. The General Exercise Science will prepare students for a wide range of careers in fields of wellness and fitness. Students may choose from concentrations offered in the department or take elective courses required for application to PA programs, chiropractic programs, or graduate studies in exercise physiology. 



Exercise and Rehabilitation Science (ERS)

The Exercise and Rehabilitation Science degree will prepare students to enter the field of Exercise Science and meet the requirements for Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). There are 2 pathways to DPT.  The guaranteed professional admissions (also known as GPA) is a 3+3 pathway (3 years of undergraduate courses and 3 years of graduate courses) but will be guaranteed professional admission into LMU’s Physical Therapy program. Prospective students must submit a supplementary GPA program application found at LMU GPA Page. The second pathway is the undergraduate 3+3. The undergraduate 3+3 pathway does not guarantee professional admissions and students will need to apply to Doctor of Physical Therapy once completing the admission requirements.  

Four Year Plan

Exercise and Rehabilitation Science at the School of Allied Health Science 

Example Schedule for first time freshman

Please refer to our example of a Exercise and Rehabilitation Science Student Schedule.

Pathways to Physical Therapy

The Exercise and Rehabilitation Science major offers two pathways to becoming a physical therapist:

Freshmen Guaranteed Professional Admission(GPA)- Bachelor of Science & Doctor of Physical Therapy (BS/DPT)

At LMU, you can start your bachelor's degree and simultaneously be guaranteed entry to our Doctor of Physical Therapy program. The Exercise and Rehabilitation Science Degree offers incoming first-year students direct entry to the LMU Doctor of Physical Therapy Program if they meet the following academic qualifications:

Before progression to the professional Doctor of Physical Therapy phase, you must also complete these additional steps:

First-years admitted as BS/DPT students will be granted conditional acceptance into the professional phase of the DPT program upon satisfactory completion of the above requirements in addition to the degree requirements. Full acceptance into the Professional Phase of the DPT program is granted pending satisfactory completion of the Criteria for Progression to the Professional DPT Program.

If you are interested in this path, please complete the online application:

GPA Program Supplemental Application

About LMU's Guaranteed Professional Admission Program

The LMU Guaranteed Professional Admission (GPA) Program is unique to Lincoln Memorial University. It allows highly motivated high school seniors to earn guaranteed acceptance into one of our professional degree pathways upon successfully completing their Undergraduate degree at LMU. Each professional program has slightly different benchmarks and requirements along the way but is committed to offering successful GPA program participants a head start on their professional education.

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Undergraduate "3+3" - Bachelor of Science & Doctor of Physical Therapy

Our 3+3 programs offer you a unique opportunity to kickstart your professional career with an advanced degree program with three years of undergraduate work accompanied by three more years of graduate work. This pathway may be perfect for you if:

  1. You are a student interested in the Guaranteed Professional Admission (GPA) Program who did not meet the entry criteria at the time of initial application & acceptance to LMU.
  2. You are a current LMU student who wants to change your major to Exercise and Rehabilitation Science.
  3. You are a transfer student from another institution seeking to transition into the Exercise and Rehabilitation Science major.

Admission Criteria

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Sport and Exercise Science Outside the Classroom

When you're a student at LMU, you're not just a number on an attendance sheet. We know that you're not here just to take classes; you're here for the hands-on experiences and unique opportunities to build relationships with colleagues in your field. Our faculty understands the importance of helping you foster networking connections and ensure that you have a plan for what's next after your classes. 

The Sport and Exercise Science Majors Club offers students multiple ways to develop socially and professionally within the exercise science field on campus. 

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