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Tips for MyLMU

Allowing Cookies

It also is important that your browser is set to allow cookies from myLMU. In Internet Explorer select Tools followed by Internet Options. Once you see the pop-up, select the Privacy tab.

Click on the slider to set your cookie settings to medium, and then select OK.


First Time Login Information

Generally the User Names is formatted as firstname.lastname. A user with the name Jane Doe would enter jane.doe as the username. In the case of more than one person having the same first and last name, users will have a number added to the end of their User Name (ex. Jane Doe might be jane.doe24).

If you are attempting to login and cannot, please confirm your username first by going here and selecting the What's my User ID option.
The temporary password is now set to capatil LMU, then first letter of your last name followed by your 8-digit date birth date. Ex., If Jane Doe was born on January 5th, 1985 the password would be LMUd01051985.

If we do not have your birth date on file, it is a randomly generated pin that was created in the absence of one. To find out what this is please call the helpdesk at 423.869.7411 and we will attempt to resolve it for you.

When you are ready to login, go here and enter the User Name and password that you normally use for campus email and click Log On.

Logging In

Open a web browser and enter the following URL:

This should bring you to a similar login screen:

If you are accessing myLMU on a shared computer, select the choice, This is a public or shared computer.

If this is your own personal computer, select the choice This is a private computer.

These choices are for your protection, and based on your selection, will timeout how long the logged in session will continue based on intervals.

Logging Out

It is important that you logout of the portal when you are finished. In the top-right of the screen where it says "Welcome" you should see a drop down arrow. Click this to choose Sign Out to properly logout of the site.

Click Sign Out.

Navigating The Home Page

Once you successfully log on to myLMU, you will be directed to your appropriate home page depending on your primary constituency with LMU.

The home page is provides number of services, including:

WebAdvisor: You can register for classes, check grades, record address changes, check your financial aid and account balances, and make payments online. Logging into myLMU gives you single sign on access to WebAdvisor. Once in WebAdvisor, you can always return to myLMU by clicking on the "Home" tab or on the "myLMU" breadcrumb.

Blackboard: Blackboard is the learning management system for most LMU students. When you click on the Blackboard link, you will be prompted to login to Blackboard. The default password for Blackboard is your six digit date of birth. Once you initially login to Blackboard we recommend you change your password. Blackboard login is not currently part of the myLMU single sign on. Be certain when you leave Blackboard to click the "Logout" button at the top of the Blackboard page and close the Blackboard window.

Announcements, News and Events: LMU announcements, news and events will be posted in myLMU on a regular basis. This will be the primary means of communicating important information on campus and replaces many of the email communications you have been used to receiving in the past.

My Team Sites: Team sites are web pages targeted for a specific group based on a department, official student organization, or an employee business function for collaboration and communication.

My Week: Displays your personal calendar. Click on the date to display details for that date. To enter new calendar items, click on your unread messages to access your "Outlook Web Access". Click on your calendar in folders to add or modify entries.

My To Do: A list of your personal tasks. Maintain tasks in the same manner as you maintain personal calendar entries. Click on your unread messages to access your Outlook Web Access. Choose the Tasks to access the Tasks list. Click an existing task to edit or choose "New" to add a task.

Setting Up Alerts

From any list item (announcement, news or event), click on "Alert Me" to begin to set your preferences. After that you can click on the "Welcome [User Name] link on the top left of the myLMU home screen to set or edit email alerts for your selected items (announcements, events, news, etc.).

Team and Information Site Requests

Requests for new Information or Team Sites can be made by emailing [email protected].

I'm receiving a constituency error, what do I do?

In the event that you are receiving a constituency redirection error, please contact the Help Desk and let them know that you are receiving the message. Please be able to either provide your Colleague ID or the login that you used to attempt to login to myLMU with.

I'm getting access denied when logging in, what do I do?

If you are receiving an access denied message from myLMU, your account more than likely needs to be added to it. Please contact the Help Desk and notify them that you need to be added to myLMU. Please be able to either provide your Colleague ID or the login that you used to attempt to login to myLMU with.

It keeps telling me to change my password!

If you have been prompted continually to change your password and it seems to never go past it, please contact the Help Desk and we will check your account to resolve it. Please be able to either provide your Colleague ID or the login that you used to attempt to login to myLMU with.