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Residency Application Guide and Resources

Residency Application Guide and Resources

The following is a general timeline that outlines the residency application process. Please access the links below for specific timelines, ERAS and Match registration, information on residency programs, and information on residency supporting documents.


Timeline: Third Year into Fourth Year
October-March: Begin working on your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Research residency programs and request information and/or application materials (ACGME and AMA's FREIDA).
Pay careful attention to eligibility requirements and deadlines.

Write your Personal Statement(s)

Begin requesting Letters of Recommendation (LoRs).

June 1:

ERAS tokens distributed to applicants by the Department of Career Services

MyERAS Web site opens to osteopathic applicants to begin working on their applications. Osteopathic applicants may begin selecting and applying to osteopathic training programs only.

ERAS is a separate and distinct service from the Match. ERAS is used to apply for programs, while the Match determines the final placements into programs. More information and links for both below.

September 15:

NRMP opens for registration for the ACGME Match

Applicants begin applying to/transmitting their ERAS applications to ACGME residency programs

October 1: MSPE's are released to programs

Instructions for submitting rank order lists and obtaining match results are provided.

NRMP Applicant Registration Deadline


NRMP Rank order list entry begins


NRMP Late Registration Deadline


NRMP Match Results released


March-April Send Residency/State Licensing Forms that need to be signed by DCOM and requests for graduation verification letters via email to the Department of Career Services
Early May: Graduation
June: Residency Orientation (Program Dependent)
July 1: Begin Residency


Click Here for step-by-step instructions