PhD in Clinical Anatomy

The Anatomy Department at DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine is proud to announce the creation of a unique Ph.D. program in Clinical Anatomy with a focus on anatomy education.  Over the recent years, anatomical education faces a significant problem with the dwindling number of experienced anatomists due to the lack of anatomy educator training programs.  The growing number of PA, PT, OT and DO programs around the United States compounds the shortage of experienced educators to teach advanced levels of all the anatomical disciplines.


This program is designed for students who currently hold a master’s degree in the anatomical sciences and would like to pursue a doctoral level degree in clinical anatomy.   This program will prepare students to teach in a variety of settings as well as provide a basis for continued research.


The didactic portion of the program will provide candidates with a strong background in subjects such as Medical Gross Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology.  As a Teaching Assistant, each candidate will have the opportunity to build anatomy pedagogy.  Through out this three to four year program, students will conduct research in either clinical anatomy or anatomy education.   Each candidate will have the unique opportunity to shadow physicians in the clinical setting, giving them the skill set needed to bridge the gap between the anatomy classroom and the clinic. This groundbreaking experience will provide these students with the knowledge and experiences needed to educate future medical professionals.