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Families of New College Students

Greetings from Abe and Lincoln Memorial University! We are excited that your student is considering LMU as their collegiate home-away-from-home. They couldn't have gotten to this point in their life without you...and you should be proud! We know that parents/grandparents/guardians have a lot of influence in the college decision process, and we would like to help you stay informed and connected to us as we work with your student!
Below, you will find some of the questions that are frequently asked in our "Ask Abe" sessions in addition to some important dates to help your student remain on track during the college application process. Please take a moment to look them over, and then make sure that your student enters an email address they check regularly. We will send them emails throughout the course of the application cycle, and these will help you know how to best help your student.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Ask Abe!

Q: I want to help my student choose a college that is best for them, and I know they need my help. How do I balance being involved, and doing it for them? 

A: Remember who is going to college-- your student! While you will play a vital role in helping them make their college choice, remember that it is ultimately their decision. We encourage parents/guardians to consider taking on one of the following three roles when it comes to the college decision process:

  • Coach: A sports coach offers encouragement and expresses belief in the athlete, but never plays the game for the athlete, no matter how much they might be struggling.
  • Consultant: A business, law, or medical consultant helps ask questions and offers an opinion based on their experience (and training), but the client can choose whether or not to take the offered advice.
  • Administrative Assistant: In an office, the administrative assistant gathers the material necessary for their boss to do their job, does some of the legwork/logistics, watches for errors, and helps monitor deadlines/schedules.

Q: I'm so excited to come with my student to see your campus! That's ok, right?

A: Absolutely! We welcome both prospective students and their families. We do want you to know, however, that our tour guides and Admissions Counselors will address most of the visit toward the prospective student! Remember, you do not want the most memorable aspect of your student's campus visit to be you!

Q: I want to be sure that my student makes good choices once they are at school. What are some ways I can do that?

A: Make sure that the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has your email address! There is a place on your student's application for them to enter that. This will help ensure that you get periodic communication from us throughout the application cycle. Once they begin their career as a Railsplitter, our Office of Student Services has various avenues for you to plug into!

Q: How can I help my student prepare for college?

A: Below are some very important dates regarding LMU important dates and standardized test dates. Various links are included when important. We encourage you to help your student plan accordingly!

2022-2023 Important Dates

Mark your calendars with these important dates!
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Fall 2022

August 11, 2022- Welcome Weekend begins! (Matriculation Ceremony 2 p.m.)

August 14, 2022- Residence halls open

August 15, 2022- LMU's first day of classes

August 24, 2022- Last day to add classes at LMU

September 5, 2022- Labor Day (LMU Offices Closed)

September 12, 2022- Last day to drop LMU classes without "WD"

October 6-8, 2022- Homecoming

October 21, 2022- Deadline to drop LMU classes without "F"

October 31, 2022- LMU's Early Registration for Spring 2023 Classes Opens

November 23-25, 2022- Thanksgiving Break (LMU Offices closed, No Classes)

December 2022- LMU Financial Aid Packages are disbursed and LMU Annunal & Endowed Scholarships open

December 2, 2022- Last day of classes at LMU

December 3, 2022- December SAT Test (LMU's College Board/CEEB= 1408)

December 10, 2022- Commencement

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Spring 2023

January 6, 2023- Deadline to register for Feb. 11 ACT (LMU's ACT code= 3982). 

January 7, 2023- Spring 2023 Starts ONLY New Student Registration (NSR) Event

January 8, 2023- Residence halls open

January 9, 2023- LMU's first day of classes for the spring semester

January 18, 2023- Last day to add classes at LMU

February 10, 2023- Deadline to register for March 11 SAT (LMU's College Board/CEEB= 1408)

February 11, 2023- February ACT Test (LMU's ACT code= 3982)

March 11, 2023- March SAT Test (LMU's College Board/CEEB= 1408)

March 20-24 2023- LMU's Spring Break

March 27, 2023- LMU Early Registration for Fall 2023 Classes Opens

April 7, 2023- Good Friday (LMU Offices Closed, No Classes)

April 7, 2023- Deadline to register for May 6 SAT Test (LMU's College Board/CEEB= 1408)

April 15, 2023- April ACT Test (LMU's ACT code= 3982)

April 28, 2023- Last day of classes at LMU 

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Summer 2023

May 4, 2023- Deadline to register for June 3 SAT Test (LMU's College Board/CEEB= 1408)

May 5, 2023- Deadline to register for June 10 ACT Test (LMU's ACT code= 3982)

May 6, 2023- May SAT Test (LMU's College Board/CEEB= 1408)

May 6, 2023- Commencement

May 29, 2023- Memorial Day (LMU Office Closed, No Classes)

June 3, 2023- June SAT Test (LMU's College Board/CEEB= 1408)

June 10, 2023- June ACT Test (LMU's ACT code= 3982)

June 16, 2023- Deadline to register for July 15 ACT (LMU's ACT code= 3982)

July 4, 2023- Independence Day (LMU Office Closed, No Classes)

July 15, 2023- July ACT Test (LMU's ACT code= 3982)

For more information regarding ACT test dates & registration, click here.

For more information regarding SAT test dates & registration, click here