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Tampa PA Program


The LMU-Tampa PA Program is a primary care-focused program designed to produce PAs with the skills and desire to care for medically underserved and culturally diverse populations. Students will take courses such as Social and Cultural Aspects of Healthcare and Impacting Medically Underserved Populations alongside traditional medical courses so that our graduates will be equipped to understand social determinants of health and meet the needs of patient populations from various cultures, races, and ethnicities. Students will use their newfound skills in teams to create and implement medical service projects that meet the needs of surrounding and distant communities. Students will also learn medical Spanish in all six semesters to help them to communicate with and care for Spanish-speaking patients. Students will get firsthand experience helping others and volunteering in various communities during the Service to Populations in Need course. From day one to graduation, the emphasis on compassionate healthcare in action and meeting the needs of medically underserved populations is what makes our program unique and enticing to applicants who not only want to learn to become a PA but who want to use their skills and career to make an impact to the underserved populations in the world around them.

Please explore our website to learn more about the Tampa PA program.