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lmu-tampa closed 9/27-9/29

Due to potentially hazardous conditions with the forecast path of Hurricane Ian and out of an abundance of caution the LMU-Tampa location will be closed Tuesday, 9/27, through Thursday, 9/29.

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Student Services
  •   Student Mentoring

    Student mentoring by Program faculty is designed to provide each student with the support necessary to achieve academic success and professional development in the Program. During the Clinical Phase, student mentoring occurs in person or via phone or videoconferencing and is scheduled to have the least impact on the student’s clinical responsibilities for SCPEs. Students are assigned to a Faculty Mentor for the Didactic and Clinical Phases of the Program. Students must meet with their assigned Faculty Mentor at least once each semester.  

    During the first two weeks of the first Didactic Phase semester students meet with their assigned Faculty Mentor to develop their plan for academic success and professional development in the Program. Students continue to meet with their assigned Faculty Mentor at least once every semester to review their plan and revise it as necessary. Prior to graduation, students meet with their assigned Faculty Mentor to determine a plan for ongoing self-assessment, self-directed learning, scholarship, service, and leadership. 

  •   Student Ambassador Program

    The Student Ambassador Program (SAP) is designed to provide interested incoming students with an opportunity to participate in coaching by Student Ambassadors (students currently enrolled in the LMU-Knoxville PA Program). For New PA Student Participants (NPSP), the SAP offers an opportunity to connect with peers, establish goals, an develop professional behaviors. For Student Ambassadors, the SAP offers an opportunity to further develop and execute skills in leadership, coaching, and professional conduct. Participation as a NSAP and Student Ambassador is voluntary.

  •   Academic Support

    Academic Support
    LMU’s Tagge Center for Academic Support provides students with coaching on notetaking, time-management, study skills, and test-preparation and test-taking skills. 

    Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence
    LMU’s Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) provides students with training and resources on how to utilize LMU’s online learning management platform and other digital technology.

    Inclusion and Diversity Engagement
    LMU’s Office of Inclusion and Diversity Engagement supports affinity clubs and organizations and provides events, information, and resources to support students, faculty, and staff in exploring, embracing, and sharing their diverse identities and experiences.

    Career Services
    LMU’s Office of Career Services provides students with assistance in curriculum vitae (CV) construction and employment interview preparation.

  •   Health Care Services

    Except in emergency situations, the Program Director, Medical Director, and Program Faculty may not participate as health care providers for students in the Program.

    Mental Health Counseling: LMU’s Office of Mental Health Counseling provides students with counseling for mental health concerns and assistance in managing stress.

    Medical Care: Internal Medical Associates (7744 Conner Road, Powell, TN 37849) provides LMU-Knoxville students preference for obtaining same-day appointments for non-emergent health services.