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Admissions Criteria


The admissions committee will base all decisions upon the applicant's overall and science grade point averages (GPAs), the personal interview, personal and professional references, CASper and Snapshot, knowledge of the profession, and the applicant's written personal statements, as well as CASPer and Snapshot evaluation results.

Consistent with the College's mission, applicants from the Appalachian region (TN, KY, VA, NC, GA, AL, WV) are given preference in the admissions process. Also, students enrolled in LMU's GPA program who apply to the PA Program through CASPA are guaranteed an interview if they meet the Program's criteria for application and admission. Completion of an interview does not guarantee an offer for admission.

In addition to applicants from the Appalachia region and LMU's GPA students, preference is given to the following applicants.
* LMU students and athletes
* Certified pharmacy technicians
* RNs, RTs and Paramedics
* Universities/Colleges with an articulation agreement: Transylvania University and Union College: LMU has articulation agreements with Union College and Transylvania University. The PA program has up to three seats reserved each year for participants who meet the defined criteria and are admitted into the program under applicable admissions standards and procedures for each of the programs. If the College/University does not have applicants that qualify, those seats are available through the CASPA application process.

Candidates must meet all the technical standards for admission to the PA program. Please use the application checklist to ensure that you have included everything required for your application.

It should be noted that the application process is very competitive and that completion of all prerequisites does not guarantee an interview for or acceptance to the program.


Candidates for admission to the LMU-SMS PA program must meet the following requirements:

Note: Individuals may apply to the LMU-SMS PA Program even though prerequisite courses or Bachelor's degree have not been completed: however, all prerequisite courses and Bachelor's degree must be completed prior to matriculation.

  •   Baccalaureate Degree

    A baccalaureate degree must be earned prior to matriculation from a regionally accredited university or college. Applicants must have official transcripts submitted directly to the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) at

  •   Prerequisite Courses

    Prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of "C" (we do not accept prerequisite courses with a grade of "C-", "D", or "F") or better from a regionally accredited college or university. Applicants who have taken prerequisite courses at different regionally accredited colleges or universities must have all official transcripts submitted directly from those colleges or universities to CASPA.

    Because of the rapid evolution of the basic sciences and the rigor of the program, it is highly recommended that applicants who have completed the pre-professional basic science prerequisite coursework greater than five years prior to application may want to review materials if accepted into the program.

    Strongly recommended additional courses which will strengthen an application include biochemistry, biostatistics, advanced psychology, cell biology, embryology, epidemiology, genetics, histology, immunology, parasitology, pathogenic bacteriology, abnormal psychology, human sexuality, physics, technical writing, advanced chemistry, pharmacology, and quantitative analysis. Applicants who have taken these courses will be given preference.

    It is required that the applicant has an overall and science grade point average of at least 2.8. In order to be competitive, most students will have cumulative and science GPAs of at least 3.2.

    Click HERE for a list of the prerequisite courses.
  •   Patient Contact Hours

    Patient Contact Hours: A minimum of 150 hours of verifiable direct patient care must be completed by April 15 in either a volunteer or paid capacity. The admissions committee recognizes direct patient care experience to include: directly taking vitals, taking or recording patient histories, assisting in surgeries, procedures such as drawing labs, giving injections, etc.

    Examples of professions for a applicant to obtain their 150 direct patient care contact hours include but are not limited to the following: medical assistant, physical therapist/PT aide/assistant, respiratory therapist, occupational therapist, EMT/paramedic, LPN, RN, RT, MLT, NP, CNA, nurse's aide, phlebotomist, medical corpsman, pharmacist assistant, hospital social worker, psychologist, x-ray tech, ER tech, peace corps volunteer, clinical health education, athletic trainer, hospice (if experience includes direct patient care), dietician, scribe, dental assistant/hygienist, certified pharmacy technician. Others may be considered if emailed with detailed information.

    In addition, a minimum of 40 hours of verifiable time must be completed shadowing a Physician Assistant (PA) with at least 20 of those hours spent shadowing a PA in a primary care setting (Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics or Emergency Medicine/Urgent Care). If an applicant is working/ volunteering directly with a PA in a primary care setting then the minimum total time that must be completed prior to matriculation is 160 total hours. Though not required, it is strongly encouraged that at least half of the required, aforementioned time be completed by the time of the applicant's interview date. If accepted into the program, all Patient Contact Hours must be completed by April 15.

  •   Applicants with Foreign Coursework

    Applicants who wish to use coursework completed outside the United States must submit their transcripts for evaluation to one of the following services:

    World Education Services
    P. O. Box 745, Old Chelsea Station
    New York, NY 10113-0745

    Josef Silny & Associates
    7101 SW 102 Avenue
    Miami, FL 33173

    A course-by-course evaluation is required and all coursework must be designated as undergraduate, graduate or professional. The LMU-SMS PA program will only honor evaluations from one of the above services. The completed evaluation must be sent to CASPA by the applicant after the course work has been evaluated by either one of the above services mentioned.

    Applicants must have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited United States school.

  •   Reference Letters

    Applicants are also required to submit two required letters of reference which should be submitted to CASPA. References should be as follows: At least one letter/reference must be from a physician assistant (PA). A second letter must be from an additional physician assistant, or physician, dentist, podiatrist, or optometrist, academic advisor, science/mathematics professor, or current/recent employer. If invited to interview, an applicant can only be considered for an alternate and not for full acceptance until letters are received.

  •   Native Language is not English

    An applicant whose native language is not English needs to submit scores from the combined TOEFL and TSE examination unless the applicant is a graduate of a U.S. college or university. The minimum required score for the IBT (Internet Based Testing) is 79 and a minimum score of 26 is required for the speaking component.



If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

LMU-SMS PA Admissions Office
800.325.0900, ext. 6669 (toll-free)
423.869.6669 (direct)
[email protected]