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Medical Laboratory Science

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

Are you interested in a career in medicine? Are you self-sufficient? Precise? Thorough? Medical Laboratory Science is a healthcare career that combines modern laboratory science with medical care. Tests performed in clinical laboratories by medical laboratory scientists–formally called medical technologists–assist physicians in diagnosing and treating pathological conditions. Medical laboratory scientists perform and interpret a wide variety of tests, ranging from simple blood glucose tests to advanced molecular diagnostic assays.

What to Expect in a Medical Laboratory Science Career

  • Provide service and research in clinical laboratory science and related areas.
  • Develop, evaluate, and assure the accuracy and validity of laboratory information.
  • Direct and supervise clinical laboratory resources and operations.
  • Collaborate in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Visit MLS Outcomes and Highlights Report to view the program's current outcomes, and please explore our website to learn more about our Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program.

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