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Medical Education Major Curriculum

Everything a PA Educator Needs to Know

The Doctor of Medical Science (DMS) in Medical Education is a 1-year, 30-credit hour, 100% online program designed by PAs for working PAs. The Medical Education major offers formal training in PA education to create a culture of educational excellence in the PA community at large. Candidates will acquire knowledge and skills to design high-quality educational programs for healthcare professionals, refine leadership skills, and develop their research and writing skills. 

The DMS leadership team strategically crafted courses, incorporating technology and research literacy to promote lifelong learning and allow candidates to solve problems inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to educational expertise, the 30-credit hour program includes one elective clinical medicine course. Candidates can choose an elective topic of interest to enrich their existing medical knowledge and gain an edge on subject-matter course design.


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Disclaimer: The new 30-credit-hour medical education major is pending SACSCOC approval.