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Hear from Our Students

David Kellenberger, DMS'18 RDN, PA-C

The LMU DMS program provides cutting-edge clinical medicine skills, including bedside Ultrasound. After completing the program, I was able to advance to higher levels of leadership as a member of the Texas Air National Guard (TXANG). After years of practice as a PA, this program allowed me to look at my knowledge deficits and develop a plan for maximal medical practice. While medical practice as a PA has been and will always be competency-based, earning a doctoral-level degree is respected and appreciated by leadership and my patients."

Juan Grado, DMS'20, PA-C

"Completing this program while serving two combat tours of duty overseas (Afghanistan and Iraq) and still fulfilling my demanding stateside operational tempo and travel schedule only developed a larger sense of confidence in myself. I am pleased I started this program and was able to finish with the assistance of flexible and understanding advisors."

Michael Broussard, DMS’21, PA-C

"While actively serving in the US Army and having been deployed twice throughout the program, I found the faculty to be exceptional and highly accommodating in successfully assisting me with navigating the coursework amidst a myriad of concurrent demands."

Valerie Hoermann, DMS'20, PA-C

"I enrolled in the Medical Education Cognate because it was the perfect fit for my future in medicine. The Education Cognate provides an additional competitive edge and provides more flexibility career-wise."

Maria Siddiqi, DMS'19, PA-C

"I would recommend this program to any physician assistant. I have gained so many benefits from completing this program. I am a more well-rounded clinician. The areas I was weak in I am stronger in now, and I am providing better, all-round care for my patients."

Elizma Mercier, DMS'20, PA-C

" ...this program has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and increase my knowledge/review of more complicated cases... which helped me diagnose [a young child] with post-streptococcal Glomerulonephritis this past Friday!!! Even my supervising Physician was impressed, and once again, I am so thankful and grateful to be a student of medicine at a higher level!"

Brenda Johnson, DMS'19, PA-C

"…benefits those of us who have a desire to broaden our medical knowledge."

Kara S McGee, DMS'19, PA-C

"Participating in the medical education track of the Lincoln Memorial University DMS program was transformative for me as an educator. I had been a classroom and clinical educator for many years, having had no formal pedagogical training. Gaining knowledge about teaching and learning methods has helped me become a student-centered educator. I am without a doubt a more competent and confident educator."

Zabiullah Nessary, DMS'19, PA-C

"I'm glad that all the different fields of medicine have specialists so that we can consult with them. This program has definitely made me a better provider…"

Sonia Rupani, DMS'19, PA-C

" The Zoom sessions are very informative, and the information disseminated in Zoom is precious and applicable to the daily clinical practice."

Tigist Opheim, DMS'19, PA-C

" The program is unique and requires hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm. It is not easy, but it is worth all the hard work you put in to give optimal care to your patients."

Jennifer Hawkins, DMS'19, PA-C

" One of the main reasons that I wanted to pursue this degree and this particular course plan was to become a better clinician and provide better care to my patient population. I have realized [after one module] it will, in fact, make me a better clinician."

Evan Leonard, DMS'19, PA-C

"The DMS program accomplishes the goal of expanding the physician assistant's (PA's) medical knowledge, but its crowning achievement is creating leaders for the industry. Whether it be educational leadership, program development, or curricula design, ...the medical education track (cognate) is a superb choice to create and develop this knowledge. This cognate expands the intellect, profoundly develops research and critical thinking, as well as acts as a genesis for new skills for the workforce and is destined for physician assistant leaders."

Jill Patruno, DMS'19, PA-C

"…this week's case brought in topics from our GI module and applying this knowledge to work through differentials, diagnosis, and treatment in the full scope of caring for an acutely ill patient. It is a confidence builder to realize I understand what to do, even in a field and setting I have not worked in."