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PA Mentorship Program


The mission of the LMU-SMS Physician Assistant Mentorship Program is to provide physician assistant alumni mentors to current PA students wishing to network with PA professionals to learn more about job opportunities and specialty choices. The LMU-SMS Physician Assistant Mentorship Program provides current PA students an opportunity to correspond with alumni PAs with similar interests so that they may provide support and guidance as students begin their job searches.

Why Be a Mentor?

The mentor/mentee relationship benefits all those involved. Mentors often find that working with a mentee challenges them and encourages them to stay current in their field. Mentees gain insight and guidance from those that have broader work and life experience. Both mentors and mentees also find that these relationships can create lifelong collaborative relationships and networking opportunities.

What is Required?

The LMU-SMS Physician Assistant Mentorship Program is a volunteer program. PA alumni mentors may enter or exit the program at any time. PA alumni mentors are individuals willing to provide contact information to the LMU-SMS Office of Alumni Services and the LMU-SMS Office of Career Services with the understanding that the information will be shared with LMU-SMS Physician Assistant Program students as needed. The mentoring relationships that may develop between alumni and current students are voluntary and largely governed by the extent to which a student requests guidance from his or her mentor. Mentors will be notified by email of mentorship pairings as needed, and mentor names will be shared with students unless and until the volunteer mentor notifies the LMU-SMS Office of Alumni Services of his or her wish to leave the program. It is expected that students requesting a PA alumni mentor will make the initial contact with their mentor once notified of their mentor assignment.