Name Title Phone Office Department Email
Ashraf Aly Computer Science Program Dir & Assist Professor of Comp Scie 423-869-6592 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-345 Mathematics [email protected]
Joshua Boone Associate Professor of Mathematics 423-869-7126 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-343 Mathematics [email protected]
LaRoy Brandt Associate Professor of Biology-Conservation Biology & Director of the Cumberland Mountain Research Center 423-869-6608 Cumberland Mtn Research Ctr-2nd Fl Biology [email protected]
Noel Cawley Associate Professor of Biology 423-869-6622 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-328 Biology [email protected]
Darrin Clark Instructor of Mathematics 423-869-7153 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-330 Mathematics [email protected]
Timothy Clayton Assistant Professor of Mathematics 423-869-6413 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-340 Mathematics [email protected]
Kevin Cooper Assistant Professor of Physics & Program Director of Chemical Physics 423-869-7156 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-347 Chemistry and Physics [email protected]
Jeffrey Darrow Associate Professor, Mathematics & Chair/Program Director Department of Mathematics 423-869-6420 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-342 Mathematics [email protected]
Muthu Dharmasena Assistant Professor of Biology 423-869-6566 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-335 Biology [email protected]
Stephen Everly Associate Professor, Chemistry & Chair/Program Director, Department of Chemistry and Physics 423-869-6472 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-327D Chemistry and Physics [email protected]
Clint Field Assistant Professor of Biology, Anatomy & Physiology 423-869-6625 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-331 Biology [email protected]
Jason Fowler Associate Professor of Biochemistry 423-869-6720 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-333 Biology [email protected]
Julie Hall Associate Professor of Molecular Biology & Chair, Program Director Department of Biology 423-869-6067 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-327C Biology [email protected]
Stephanie Keer Assistant Professor of Biology 423-869-6489 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-332 Biology [email protected]
Gavin Kirton Assistant Professor of Chemistry 423-869-6222 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-346 Chemistry and Physics [email protected]
Whitney Kistler Associate Professor of Biology - Conservation Biology & Program Director of Conservation Biology 423-869-6227 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-329 Biology [email protected]
Stacy Long Assistant Professor of Physics 423-869-6238 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-344 Chemistry and Physics [email protected]
Michael Neff Instructor of Mathematics 423-869-6668 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-341 Mathematics [email protected]
Kathryn Purple Assistant Professor of Biology & Microbiology 423-869-7084 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-334 Biology [email protected]
Adam Rollins Dean, School of Mathematics and Sciences & Professor of Biology 423-869-6421 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-327F Biology [email protected]
Natalie Romano Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry 423-869-6542 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-338 Chemistry and Physics [email protected]
Thomas Shell Assistant Professor of Chemistry 423-869-6379 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-336 Chemistry and Physics [email protected]
Barbara Shock Associate Professor of Biology - Conservation Biology 423-869-7180 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-333 Biology [email protected]
Agnes Vanderpool Associate Professor of Biology 423-869-6463 Cumberland Mtn Research Ctr-2nd FL Biology [email protected]