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Chemistry Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Degrees

The world of chemistry can open the door to careers in various industries with exciting opportunities in both practical and research-based fields. Lincoln Memorial University has three undergraduate pathways available to students seeking a chemistry degree. Explore the critical components of chemistry: organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, and biochemistry with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at LMU. Or, if education is your calling, the Secondary Teacher Education Licensure program will prepare you to serve your community as a middle school or high school teacher. But suppose you're already looking ahead to professional and graduate programs. In that case, the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Pre-Med [link to the new page for the Bachelor of Chemistry Pre-Med] track is built for you. Pre-medical track students master vital concepts across chemistry and the life sciences, positioning them to excel in masters and doctorate programs in the health sciences and beyond.

Ready to get started? Explore the chemistry degree course curriculums, hear from alumni, and learn more about the benefits of a chemistry education from LMU below.

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Chemistry Degree Four Year Curriculums

Example First Year Schedule for Chemistry Major

* = General Education or Degree Requirement
# = These courses must be passed with at least a C- or better to progress in the program

First Semester - Fall

Course Hours
ENGL 101 Composition I * 3
UACT 100 Strategies for College Success * 1
BIOL 111 General Biology I & Lab*#
(Prerequisite: Successful Completion (C‐ or better) BIOL 100, placement in ENGL 101, OR ACT/SAT reading/verbal score of 23)
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I & Lab #
(Prerequisite: Successful completion (C– or better) of Math 105, 115, or 120, OR Math ACT sub‐score of 23 higher, Fall)
MATH 150 Calculus I *#
(Prerequisite: Successful completion (C‐ or better) of MATH 120 or ACT sub‐score of 26 or higher)
Total Credits 16

First Semester - Spring

Course Hours
ENGL 102 Composition II *
(Prerequisite for BIOL 290)
LNCN 100 Lincoln's Life & Legacy * 1
BIOL 112 General Biology II & Lab *#
(Prerequisite: Successful completion (C‐ or better) of BIOL 111 with lab)
CHEM 112 General Chemistry II & Lab *#
(Prerequisite: Successful completion (C‐ or better) of CHEM 111, Spring)
MATH 250 Calculus II #
(Prerequisite: successful completion (C‐ or better) of MATH 150 )
Total Credits 16

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Special Program Features

  • Faculty-mentored independent research opportunities
  • High placement rates into professional programs such as Pharmacy
  • 100% employment rate for secondary educators
  • Median salary for Chemists and Material Scientists: $80,680 (US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2020)
  • State-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and equipment in LMU's 140,000 square-foot Hamilton Math and Science Building.

Chemistry Career Opportunities

As a chemistry major graduating from LMU, you'll be prepared for continued study at health professional and graduate schools. You may also pursue a career as a health care professional, professional chemist, high school educator, or industrial chemist. Our graduates have a 100% employment rate for educators and high placement rates for graduate and professional programs.

Student Success

Our students have conducted advanced research in graduate and professional programs across the country. We have students attending the University of Kentucky Dental School, the University of the Appalachia School of Pharmacy, and many more!


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