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Academic Support

LMU-DCOM offers academic support services designed to enhance learning and aid in the success of all students. Academic support services include one-on-one individual consultation, large and small group presentations, and peer tutoring. For third and fourth year students located off campus at rotation sites, telephone and/or video conference meetings are made available. The same services and resources are available at each location, with a Director of Academic Support at both Harrogate and Knoxville (find contact information below). Assistance in academic support includes but is not limited to the following topics: study skills, time management, stress management and wellness, test anxiety, test-taking strategies, and board preparation. Students may self-refer or be referred to academic support by any faculty or staff member, including their advisor. For more information, please contact:

Aaron Phillips, Director of Academic Support (Harrogate)
[email protected] | 423.869.6563

Rick Slaven, Director of Students and Academic Advancement (Harrogate)
[email protected] | 423.869.6453

Cody Harrison, Director of Academic Support (Knoxville)
[email protected] | 865.338.5705


The College System

In order to create an environment of close connections and community, all LMU-DCOM students are divided into eight different Colleges. Students remain in their assigned College for the length of their medical school career. The Colleges engage in friendly competitions and social events such as The College Olympics, The Gobbler Games, and SpringFest. The College System also facilitates faculty/staff advising and the student mentor/mentee program


College System


Mentoring ProgramAdvising

Each College System is comprised of a group of faculty/staff advisors. Every student is assigned to an academic advisor at the start of year one and will remain with the same advisor through graduation. Advisors provide students with academic/career related-guidance as well as connect students to various on and off campus resources.

Mentor/Mentee Program

Every incoming student at LMU-DCOM is paired with a mentor from the class above them. The mentors and mentees are paired based off of similar hobbies, interests, study strategies, and career goals. At the beginning of the school year, LMU-DCOM Student Life hosts a Mentor-Mentee Mixer where mentors and mentees get the chance to meet in person for the first time. These mentor and mentee pairings remain throughout all four years of medical school.


For more information on the college system, contact:


Caleb Arnold, MBA, Student Activities Coordinator
423.869.6575 | [email protected]


Laura Painter, MA, Student Activities Coordinator,
865.338.5710 | [email protected]