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Alumni Services

Alumni Services


AlumniThe LMU-DCOM Office of Alumni Services provides several resources to current LMU-DCOM students. In conjunction with the Office of Career Services, the LMU-DCOM Office of Alumni Services hosts a monthly seminar series focusing on residency match and specialty selection during each academic year. The series features talks by alumni in various specialties of interest to current students. Talks are held on-campus, and lunch is provided to attendees.


The Office of Alumni Services administers the MATCHMaker mentorship program. The mission of the LMU-DCOM MATCHMaker Program is to provide physician alumni mentors to current third- and fourth-year LMU-DCOM osteopathic medical students wishing to learn more about specialty choices, the residency application process, and residency programs nationwide. The LMU-DCOM MATCHmaker Program provides current osteopathic medical students an opportunity to correspond with physician alumni with similar interests. Physician alumni provide support and guidance as the students navigate the waters of clinical rotations and the residency application process. Students are presented information about the MATCHMaker program and how to submit mentorship requests at the end of their second year.


The Office of Alumni Services routinely hosts alumni and friends gatherings at state and national conventions, including AOA OMED, TOMA, ACOFP, and ACOI. Current students attending these conferences are invited to network with LMU-DCOM graduates. The Office of Alumni Services sponsors the annual Match Celebration for the graduating class and is an integral part of graduation planning each year. The Office of Alumni Services provides a graduation gift to each member of the graduating class annually.


The Office of Alumni Services serves as the primary communication link between LMU-DCOM and its alumni. Current students may share information about campus events with alumni and inquire about potential alumni guest speakers through the Office of Alumni Services.


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