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LMU-DCOM Faculty Development

Topics of Interest


January 18:
Caring for Students in Distress

January 6 - February 3:
IAMSE Winter '22 Seminar Series

January 20:
Lecturio How-to Zoom Session

February 7:

DEI Workshop 1-3PM

February 17:

Research Track:
Informed Consent 1-2PM

March 15 DCOMK133:

Knoxville QPR Training 1:45-3:45PM

March 24 DCOM305:

Harrogate QPR Training 2-3:30PM

March 29:

IRB Process
April 8DCOM306:
Harrogate QPR Training 2-3:30PM

April 20:

Trauma Informed Care
April 21:
Research Track: IACUC and IBCSC Procedures

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