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Meet the Admissions and Student Services Staff

Admissions Staff

Robin Mace, MBA, Director of Admissions
423.869.6747 | [email protected]

Maria Harris, MBA, Assistant Director of Admissions
423.869.6290 | [email protected]

Matthew Bruining, MBA, Admissions Recruiter
423.869.7095 | [email protected]

Jennifer Russell, Admissions Coordinator
423.869.7011 | [email protected] 

Madeline Caylor, Admissions & Student Services Coordinator
423.869.6910 | [email protected]

Heather Honeycutt, Administrative Assistant for Admissions & Student Services
423.869.7090 | [email protected]

Student Services Staff

Harrogate Student Services

Kali Weaver, PhD, Assistant Dean of Students
423.869.6057 | [email protected]

Aaron Phillips, PhD, Director of Academic Support
423.869.6563 | [email protected]

Rick Slaven, MPS, NRP, Director of Students and Academic Advancement
423.869.6453 | [email protected]

Caleb Arnold, MBA, Student Activities Coordinator
423.869.6575 | [email protected]

Bob Jackson, Shuttle Driver
423.201.0336 | [email protected]



Justina Hyfantis, PhD, Associate Dean of Students, DCOM at LMU-Knoxville
865.338.5688 | [email protected]

Cody Harrison, MEd, Director of Academic Support, DCOM at LMU-Knoxville
865.338.5788 | [email protected]

Laura Painter, MA, Student Activities Coordinator, DCOM at LMU-Knoxville
865.338.5710 | [email protected]