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Dean's Message

Dean Christopher J. Loyke

Christopher J. Loyke, DO, FACOFP
Dean and Chief Academic Officer, DCOM, and Professor of Family Medicine
Since 1897, Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) has been committed to the mission of serving the people of East Tennessee and Appalachia.  In 2007 LMU began a period of remarkable growth with the founding of the DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine (DCOM) and the subsequent development of a wide range of professional schools.  With this expansion came a renewed commitment to the historic LMU mission.  Over the past decade DCOM has grown to become one of our nation’s largest producers of osteopathic primary care physicians providing care in rural and underserved areas.  Our student physicians, faculty and staff remain dedicated to the mission that Lincoln Memorial University was founded upon.  

LMU-DCOM has achieved remarkable success since graduating its first class of osteopathic physicians in 2011.  The April 2021 edition of US News and World Reports stated:
  • LMU-DCOM ranks 2nd in the nation for most graduates entering primary care training (78.4%).
  • LMU-DCOM ranks 6th in the nation for graduates practicing in underserved areas (60.6%).
  • LMU-DCOM ranks 11th in the nation for graduates practicing in rural areas (14%).
  • LMU-DCOM ranks 23rd in the nation for most graduates practicing primary care (36.4%).

Producing outstanding osteopathic physicians requires a talented faculty and staff that foster the growth of exceptional students.  LMU-DCOM is constantly looking for those compassionate individuals that demonstrate a desire to serve.  Now more than ever our country needs osteopathic physicians committed to health and wellness.  We believe an individual can make a difference and we embrace the future as being a better place for the impact that osteopathic physicians will have on the health, welfare, and lives of those around us.
This year marks the 125th anniversary of Lincoln Memorial University which gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate the vision of Abraham Lincoln and the mission of our LMU family.  LMU-DCOM continues this tradition, and we remain more committed than ever to the underserved people of Appalachia and beyond.