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Tutoring Services

helping railsplitters acheive their goals

At LMU, we recognize that everyone needs some extra help from time-to-time. For assisting students academically, we have a two-pronged approach where we always encourage the student to discuss issues with the instructors first, but also believe that students can benefit from individualized tutoring as well.

Due to current Covid-19 safety protocols, tutoring sessions are mostly virtual and conducted over Zoom. In certain cases, however, we are able to provide in-person tutoring if students follow social-distancing guidelines.

TUTORING2.jpgThe Tutoring Center will be available for virtual appointments from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To make an appointment for tutoring please do the following:

1. Stop by the Tagge Center in the library and make an appointment.

2. If you are at an off-campus site, call 423.869.6310 to make an appointment or email Jill Neeley.

If you have any issues or problems please contact Dr. Ted Booth, LMU Director of Academic Support, for more information.

If you are a nursing student at one of our off-campus sites, please contact Carrie Love, RN, Academic Support Coordinator for Nursing, for further assistance.