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The ALLM offers a variety of programs for the general public, school groups, area teachers, and special interest groups.  Whether you are 0 or 99, the Museum has a program for you. Many programs focus on significant events in Lincoln's life. Some are award-winning, such as our annual October Civil War STEAM event. For additional information about annual or upcoming programs and events, contact us by calling Program Coordinator Natalie Sweet at [email protected].


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Yearly Programming

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Special events throughout the Year

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Tad's Tots

February 7, 2023, 10 am until 11 am

Celebrate Valentine's Day with us as we read "Two Friends: Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass" and make a craft! Register Here.


Inside the Vault: An Annual Lincoln Birthday Celebration

February 18, 2023 Noon until 5 pm

Celebrate Abraham Lincoln's birthday month and the anniversary of Lincoln Memorial University with a free behind-the-scenes look at items from inside our Vault - here, the most precious and rare items in the Museum are carefully preserved. Our Archivist will allow you to see these special items up-close and provide you with detailed information, too. Ticketed admission will take place throughout the day. All entrance tickets are free, but are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Special tours of the museum galleries, documentaries in the auditorium, children’s activities, plus cake is available to guests throughout the day. For free tickets to the events click here.


Heirloom Seed and Story Exchange at the Pioneer Village


Along with the DeBusk School of Medicine and the College of Veterinary Medicine, the Museum facilitates an exchange of heirloom seeds along with an exchange of family food and medicinal recipes made from those plants. The collection of both seeds and stories donated to the ALLM in addition to the seeds swapped preserves and interprets the area's agricultural heritage. The ALLM also provides informational materials, seed packets, seed catalogs, and bagging and labeling materials free of charge to participants.


19th Century Egg Roll


During the 19th century, Egg Rolls were a popular pastime in Washington, D.C. Originally held at the United States Capitol, and by some accounts first suggested by Dolley Madison, public egg rolls became a presidential tradition in 1878, with the first White House Egg Roll. Informal egg rolls, however, were held throughout the city during this period, and were perhaps even held at the Lincoln White House. At the ALLM, you can experience a 19th century egg roll as it was practiced during Lincoln's lifetime! All participants will receive a special wooden egg and will be divided into age groups (Toddlers and Pre-K, Kindergarten - First Grade, Second - Third Grade, and Fourth - Fifth Grade) to roll their eggs to the finish line. Children receive balloons, participate in crafts, and visit the museum. This is a free event with 25 registration slots in each age group. Registration opens a month prior.


Mom and Me Tea


Join the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum as we host a Mom and Me Tea at the Cumberland Gap Convention Center! Bring Mom and your favorite stuffed animal or doll with you to enjoy tea, treats, and age-appropriate crafts. The cost for each Mother/Grandmother/special adult-child duo is $25.00. The offer can be extended to include other family members, too, for an additional $15.00 per person. Registration opens a month prior.




The ALLM partners with the Guardians of the Gap to host FolkFest, a celebration of Appalachian art, traditions, and culture! In addition to hosting a temporary exhibit within the Cumberland Gap during the week of FolkFest, the ALLM hosts talks by historians, traditional medicine and animal experts, musicians and craftsmen who teach about 19th century Appalachia. The ALLM also provides free additional parking space and a shuttle to take individuals into the Cumberland Gap to relieve traffic in the town. FolkFest 2023 will take place on August 12, 2023.


Civil War STEAM


The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum is proud to participate in October's Tennessee STEAM event! All across the state, participating Museums show audiences how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics pairs with the Humanities. Classrooms can visit the Museum to learn about the spread of disease during the Civil War, the treatment of illnesses and injuries, nautical tech, industrialization, coding (Morse Code, that is!), mapping, and mathematical wartime strategy. School groups (public, private, and homeschool) can arrange to visit the stations throughout the day.  Admission is free. Families are invited to attend the afternoon event, and participants can bring their telescopes and blankets for the night to participate in a statewide Star Party, which at the ALLM is themed on the Underground Railroad.