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Student Support

School Counseling Program

The mission of the school counseling department at JFWA is to place students in the appropriate classes, maintain frequent communication with parents/guardians and the students, and to closely monitor academic progress throughout the student’s academic journey at the Academy. The JFWA school counselor also oversees all testing programs and communicates requirements and other related information to students and parents.

Parent/Guardian & Teacher Conferences

Parent/Guardian and teacher conferences are an important part of all grades encompassed by JFWA. These parent/guardian and teacher conferences are completed every nine (9) weeks. Additional meetings can be requested on the recommendation of the teacher, or at the request of the parent/guardian. It is important to discuss your goals for your student. Our staff will plan challenges for the growth and development of each student based on your input as well as the student’s assessment, grades, development, and progress.

Academic Advising

Newly enrolled families participate in an academic advising session designed to review previous standardized tests, determine where best to place students, or determine if additional assessment is needed. Students and parents/guardians are involved in the creation of the four-year plan; an outline that determines that student’s entire academic high school experience. Every student receives individual academic advising from the School Counselor or Principal before the school year begins and at the start of the spring semester.