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Printing on a Windows PC

Mapping a printer on Windows 10

Click the Start icon, and choose 'Settings'

Choose 'Devices', then select 'Add a printer or scanner'. After scanning for a moment, the PC will say 'The printer that I want isn't listed'. Click that link.

Select the option 'Select a shared printer by name'. In the box below, type the name of the printer you'd like to connect to. The list can be found below:

The student printers available for are:

Alcoa Campus:
MFP004: Alcoa Computer Lab

MFP005CBN: Corbin Computer Lab

MFP221: DVTC-SA Student Lounge

Main Harrogate Campus Printers:

DCOM Building
MFP204: 2nd floor student lounge color printer/copier/fax
P065: 2nd floor student lounge printer
P139: 4th floor student workroom

Math and Science Building
MFP189: MANS 425

Business Education Building
MFP054: BE 209

MFP074: 1st Floor Hallway
P012: 1st Floor Computer Lab
MFP044: 2nd Floor Medical Library

Student printers available for are:

Duncan School of Law
MFP016DSOL: 1st Floor Library
P027: 2nd Floor Outside the Study Rooms
MFP015DSOL: 3rd Floor Student Work Area

Student printers available for are:

Cedar Bluff Campus
MFP006CB: Room 187

So, if you want to map MFP054 in BE 209, you'd enter \\\MFP054.

Windows will prompt you for your username and password. Enter your username as your full LMU email address, enter your password, and choose the 'Remember Password' check box, and click 'Ok'. Click 'Install Driver' if it appears as well.

Click 'Next' on the printer name screen, then click Finish.

On Windows 7, the process differs just a bit.

Click on Start, then Run, then type \\ (if the printer you want to map is on papercut. Refer to the list of printers and locations above.)

Click 'View Network Printers' at the top of the screen.

Locate the printer you want to map, right-click it and choose 'Connect'. Agree to the driver installation if asked, provide it a friendly name and click Finish.