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Printing on a Mac

Mapping a printer on a Mac

To map a printer on your personal Mac, follow these steps. Before beginning, be sure you're connected to the LMU_Openaccess wireless network. (Note - the screenshots below were taken from OSX 10.8.5, so your screens may look a little different)

  1. Click on the Apple Menu, then click System Preferences

    Step 1
  2. In the System Preferences menu, open Print and Scan

    Step 2
  3. Click the + sign to add a new printer. If the lock at the bottom is closed, you may have to click it to enable changes

    Step 3
  4. If the Advanced button does not exist on the tool bar, you will need to add it. In order to add the Advanced button, move the mouse over to the tool bar and press the Control key while pressing the mouse button/track pad. This should bring up a menu, please select the option for Customize Toolbar.

    Step 4

    Adding the Advanced button is a simple matter of dragging the Advanced gear icon, from the selection menu, to the tool bar.

    Add Advanced Button

    Once you have added the button to the tool bar, go ahead and press the Done button.
  5. Go ahead and click the Advanced button. The busy icon will pop up for a minute, or so, and then you will be given a dialog box. Click on the Type pull down menu, and choose Windows from the selection.

    Advanced Mapping

    Under the option for URL enter the following:


    For users on the main campus, Corbin, the DVTC, Alcoa or Tennova North, the servername will be For users at the Duncan School of Law, the servername will be For users at Cedar Bluff, the servername will be The printer names are listed below organized by server and campus. The name will either begin with 'MFP' (which indicates a multi-function device) or 'P' (which indicates a stand-alone printer.)

    For example - to map the printer in the DVTC-SA Student lounge, you would enter:

    The student printers available for are:

    Alcoa Campus:
    MFP004: Alcoa Computer Lab

    MFP005CBN: Corbin Computer Lab

    MFP221: DVTC-SA Student Lounge

    Main Harrogate Campus Printers:

    DCOM Building
    MFP204: 2nd floor student lounge color printer/copier/fax
    P065: 2nd floor student lounge printer
    P139: 4th floor student workroom

    Math and Science Building
    MFP189: MANS 425

    Business Education Building
    MFP054: BE 209

    MFP074: 1st Floor Hallway
    P012: 1st Floor Computer Lab
    MFP044: 2nd Floor Medical Library

    Student printers available for are:

    Duncan School of Law
    MFP016DSOL: 1st Floor Library
    P027: 2nd Floor Outside the Study Rooms
    MFP015DSOL: 3rd Floor Student Work Area

    Student printers available for are:

    Cedar Bluff Campus
    MFP006CB: Room 187

    Under the option for Name, enter a description for the printer. This will usually be the print queue name.

  6. Next, select the appropriate printer driver from the Print Using menu. For the majority of printers, the Generic Postscript Driver should be sufficient. Choose Duplex Printing Unit and then click OK.

    Advanced Options
  7. The first time you print, you will be presented with a dialog box to enter your name and password. Be sure to enter your account name without the '', then enter the your account password (the same password you use to connect to MyLMU.) Be sure to select "Remember this password in my keychain" or you'll have to retype your password frequently.


Questions? Contact the IS Helpdesk.