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Undergraduate Housing Information

Lincoln Memorial University is proud to provide a variety of housing options for undergraduate students living on campus. Below you will find further information about the housing application process and waiver, the cost of living on campus, meal plans, renter's insurance, and move-in information.

  •   Apply for Undergraduate Housing

    LMU requires all full-time students under the age of 21, regardless of class ranking, to live on campus unless the student is living with a parent or guardian within a 65-mile radius of campus or is married and lives with a spouse. An application for housing or housing waiver must be completed by all applicants for admission. If you are seeking an exception to the live-on requirement, please fill out the Housing Requirement Waiver further explained below.

    You are required to submit your housing deposit to reserve a space on campus. You can pay the deposit by calling that cashier's office at (423) 869-6336 or by sending a check or money order (for the LMU Office of Residence Life) with your application to the Office of Residence Life.

    If you meet at least one of the following requirements: are over the age of 21, living with a parent or guardian within a 65-mile radius of campus, or are married and living with a spouse and are not planning to live on campus, you will need to complete a Housing Requirement Waiver.

    Please log into your Student Housing Portal below to Apply for Undergraduate Housing or Submit a Housing Waiver:

    Student Housing Portal
  •   2024-2025 Undergraduate Housing Cost
    Residence Hall Room Type Price Per Semester
    Liles and West Double $2,111.50
    Single (if available) $3,141.50
    Lafrentz-Poole (Upperclassmen Housing) Single-Loft $3,244.50
    Single-Standard $3,394.50
    Single-Deluxe $3,759.50
    Pope, Mitchell, and Dishner (Upperclassmen Housing) Single (Three-Bedroom Apartment) $4,352
    The Village (Burchett, McClelland, Norton, and Peters) Three Bedroom Double- Six Occupancy Apartment $3,383.50
  •   Meal Plans

    All undergraduate students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. Meal plans are initially selected via the Housing Application. Any changes to meal plans can be made by emailing or contacting the Office of Residence Life at 423-869-6500.

    On Campus Student Plans
    Commuter & Graduate Student Plans
  •   Renter's Insurance

    Lincoln Memorial University does not accept responsibility for damage or loss of personal property due to theft, fire or vandalism. Students are encouraged to purchase renter's insurance (a student's property may be covered under his/her parents' or guardians' homeowner's policy). All students are encouraged by Campus Police and Safety to properly secure their property while on campus.

    Lincoln Memorial University strongly recommends that residential students procure adequate insurance coverage ("Renter's Insurance"). The university does not endorse a specific renter's insurance company or policy. However, below is a link to a brochure from NSSI for their College Plus - Personal Property Insurance as an example of one of the many options available for purchase.

    NSSI College Plus Personal Property Insurance
  •   Move-In Day Information

    Move-In Day is part of our Welcome Weekend Activities, hosted by the office of Orientation & Transition Programs. Please see the below link for more information about Move-In Day.

    Move-In Day Information