ESA Request/Policy Information

Emotional Support Animal Request & Information

Please read the following information carefully, and make sure to submit all required forms.


Lincoln Memorial University is committed to reasonably accommodating qualified residential students with disabilities who may require the use of an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) in accordance with the Fair Housing Act (FHA). Emotional Support Animals may also be referred to as therapy or comfort animals but will be referred to as Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) in this policy.  Lincoln Memorial University reserves the right to amend this policy as circumstances require. Emotional Support Animals are not service animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA). This policy does not apply to service animals.



ESA Policy and Forms

Downloadable copies of the ESA policy and required forms

Emotional Support Animal Request Steps

please make sure to complete every step listed below. failure to complete each step may result in a denial of the esa request.

1. Make sure you have read and printed the LMU ESA policy for your reference: 

Emotional Support Animals Policy  

2. Download and print the documentation forms.

Once they have been completed by the stated professional/provider, please upload them in the electronic form below. Alternately, you can scan and email your supporting documents directly to the Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards ([email protected]):

PRintable ESA Forms

3. Submit the electronic form below. If you have them, please have your document files ready to be uploaded. If not, feel free to submit the application form. Please remember that in order for your ESA request to be complete, you must provide all the supporting documentation prior to the deadline.


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