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Room Selection

Room Selection

This Room Selection information is for current students. If you are an incoming First Year student, your housing assignment will be made by our staff during the late spring and early summer before you arrive on campus. Visit our Admitted Students page to learn more about housing assignments for incoming students.

  •   Returning Students

    Room selection for returning students takes place during the Spring semester of your current academic year. General dates can be found below! View our step by step guide for Applying for Housing.

    All students, unless they meet the requirements for a Housing Waiver, are required to live on campus at Lincoln Memorial University. To review Housing Guidelines & Up-To-Date Contracts, please visit our Guidelines & Contracts page.

    General Room Selection Process

    Online Housing Application Opens

    Login to your housing portal and click the appropriate housing application and term to start building your profile and searching for roommates, if applicable.

    2nd or 3rd Week of March 

    General Lottery Times Available

    This will tell you the specific time you will be able to start selecting your room. You'll receive your lottery time by email from us.

    1st or Second Week of April 

    General Online Room Selection

    Login at your randomly assigned lottery time to choose a room for next year!


    3rd or 4th Week of April

  •   Incoming Students (Newly Admitted)

    Full-time first-year students must reside on campus unless they meet criteria for a housing exemption.

    Upon Admission Confirmation, incoming students can submit their housing application and contract online through the LMU Housing Portal. The Office of Residential Housing will consider preferences such as roommates, buildings, and other factors to determine your room assignment. More details about campus living are available on our Admitted Students page for incoming students to explore.

How to Apply for Housing

Applying for housing at LMU is a straightforward process thanks to the Office of Residential Housing's development of a comprehensive step-by-step guide. This guide simplifies the application procedure, making it accessible to all students. Whether you're a first-year student or a returning member of the LMU community, reviewing the guide before applying is highly recommended. It offers valuable insights into the application requirements, important deadlines, and necessary documents. By following the guide diligently, students can navigate the housing application process with ease and ensure a smooth transition into campus living at LMU. Please find the Step by Step Guide here