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STATUS CHANGE FOR thursDAY, January 20: lmu-Corbin operating on a 2-hr delay

The LMU-Corbin site will operate on a 2-hr delay Thursday, January 20. Classes will remain in person and the site will open at 10 a.m. All other LMU sites are operating on a regular schedule. 
Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Office Department Email
Oscar Acosta Instructor of Nursing 865-370-2108 LMU Tower-108 Nursing [email protected]
Matt Acton Director of Admissions 423-869-6281 DAR-Whitford Hall-209 Enrollment Management [email protected]
Mary Ellen Acuff Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Carly Adams Admissions Counselor 423-869-6356 DAR-Whitford Hall-207 Enrollment Management [email protected]
Joanna Adams Instructor of Nursing, Cedar Bluff 865-909-6981 Cedar Bluff-176 Nursing [email protected]
Stephen Adkins Assistant Professor of Public Administration & Graduate Programs Director/Coordinator 865-545-5334 Duncan School of Law-256 School of Arts [email protected]
Arshad Ahsanuddin Assistant Professor of Pathology, DCOM 865-338-5739 WKNOX Bldg 1-216 DCOM [email protected]
Dorothy Allen Principal Faculty-LMU-Knoxville PA Program & Assistant Prof 865-338-5703 WKNOX Bldg 1-161 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Eddie Allen Maintenance Worker 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Maintenance [email protected]
Stephen Alley Senior User Support Services Coordinator 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Ashraf Aly Computer Science Program Dir & Assist Professor of Comp Scie 423-869-6592 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-345 Mathematics [email protected]
Arlene Amarante Assistant Professor of Law 865-545-5321 Duncan School of Law-315 Law School [email protected]
Melody Amason Academic Support Assistant, Cedar Bluff, School of Education 865-531-4109 Cedar Bluff-116 Education [email protected]
Marisa Anders Director of Public Relations 423-869-6483 DAR-Whitford Hall-304 Public Relations [email protected]
Kirsten Andersen Instructor of Nursing, Blount LMU Tower-205 Nursing [email protected]
April Anderson Graduate and Professional Recruiter & Assessment/Accreditation Coordinator 865-531-4152 Cedar Bluff-197 Graduate Business [email protected]
Diana Anderson Assistant Professor of Didactic ED, PA Program 865-338-5712 WKNOX Bldg 1-120 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Laura Anderson Administrative Assistant for Student Accounts 423-869-6341 DAR-Whitford Hall-103 Finance [email protected]
Lauren Anderson Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423-869-7755 DCOM-427 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Stacy Anderson Dean, CVM & Professor of Veterinary Medicine 423-869-6539 College of Veterinary Medicine-309 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Shane Apperley Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies & Associate Program Director, PA 423-869-6638 DCOM-422 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Rhonda Armstrong Director of the Library 423-869-6436 Finley Resource Center-107 Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
Dennis Arnold Student Activities Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-6575 DCOM-309A DCOM [email protected]
Marcinda Asburry Coordinator of Instructional Design and Student Innovation 865-531-4128 Cedar Bluff-198 J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Edward Asbury Associate Professor of Psychology 423-869-6509 Avery Hall-306 Social Sciences [email protected]
Robert Augustyniak Associate Professor of Physiology, DCOM/Assistant Dean/Chair of Physiology 865-338-5721 WKNOX Bldg 1-226 DCOM [email protected]
Kaci Ausmus Director of Student Activities and Engagement 423-869-7076 Student Center-308B Student Services [email protected]
Jason Austin Center for Simulation and Training Manager 423-869-6052 College of Veterinary Medicine-220 DCOM [email protected]
Maha Ayesh Director of Experiential Learning and Asst Professor of Law 865-545-5322 Duncan School of Law-316 Law School [email protected]
Mary Beth Babos Professor of Pharmacology & Chair of Pharmacology 423-869-7756 DCOM-230 DCOM [email protected]
Helen Bailey Registrar 423-869-6434 DAR-Whitford Hall-102 Registrar [email protected]
Ryan Bailey Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6457 J. Frank White Academy-115 J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Sylvia Bailey Administrative Assistant, BMS/DCOM Research 423-869-6548 DCOM-223 DCOM [email protected]
Travis Bailey Deputy Chief 423-869-7059 Tex Turner Arena-Squad Security [email protected]
Andrew Baker Security Communications Officer Tex Turner Arena-Turn Security [email protected]
Dori Baker Administrative Assistant for Clinical Relations and Outreach 423-869-7010 College of Veterinary Medicine-238 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Jamie Baker Guidance Counselor, JFWA 423-869-6475 J. Frank White Academy-G10 J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Thomas Baker Physical Security Systems Coordinator 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Ginger Bakies Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Garrett Ball Executive Administrative Assistant, Nursing 865-531-4122 Cedar Bluff-Nurs Nursing [email protected]
Jason Ball Maintenance Worker 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Maintenance [email protected]
Rebecca Barnett Clinical Affiliations Manager 423-869-7082 DCOM-129 DCOM [email protected]
Torrie Bartalone Director of Bowling 423-869-6602 Basketball Practice Facility-007 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Dustin Bates Associate Professor of Clinical Ed, PA Program Knoxville & Associate Clinical Director 865-338-5723 WKNOX Bldg 1-125 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Thomas Bates Security Officer 423-869-6911 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
Pamela Battig Small Animal Veterinary Assistant 423-869-6557 DVTC-SA108 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Kathy Baughman Assistant for Academic Affairs 865-545-5301 Duncan School of Law-230 Law School [email protected]
Kristy Bay Executive Director for Administration 423-869-6636 Grant-Lee Hall-003 Enrollment Management [email protected]
Robert Baye Assistant Dean and Director, Physician Assistant Program 423-869-6546 DCOM-420 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Heather Bayless Curriculum Scheduling Coordinator 423-869-6318 College of Veterinary Medicine-308 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Candace Bean Veterinary Medical Technology Clinical Veterinary Technician 423-869-6473 Schenck Building-105 Allied Health [email protected]
Alicia Beason Associate Admissions Coordinator, PA Program 423-869-6691 DCOM-440 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Jennifer Beaver Director of Publications/Graphic Designer 423-869-6481 DAR-Whitford Hall-303B Public Relations [email protected]
Sydney Beckman Professor of Law 865-545-5302 Duncan School of Law-317 Law School [email protected]
Barry Beeler Anatomy Assistant 423-869-7442 DVTC-SC101 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Elizabeth Beeler Pre-Clinical Skills Technician/Technologist 423-869-7437 DVTC-SA134 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Scarlett Beeler Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, CVM 423-869-6535 DVTC-203 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Lauren Beeler- Beistad Animal Caretaker 423-869-6643 DVTC-SA120 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Brian Bell Assistant Professor of Graduate Education 865-531-4132 Cedar Bluff-111 Education [email protected]
Alicia Belt Clinical Education Administrative Coordinator 865-338-5679 WKNOX Bldg 2-274 Occupational Therapy [email protected]
Mahdia Ben Salem Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages 423-869-6273 Avery Hall-304 Language and Literature [email protected]
Drew Benedict Director of Operations LMU DCOM Knoxville 865-338-5704 WKNOX Bldg 1-229 DCOM [email protected]
Kimberly Benge Instructor of Nursing, Corbin 423-869-6568 Baptist Health Corbin-221 Nursing [email protected]
Kody Benson Simulation and Training Technician DCOM at LMU-Knoxville WKNOX Bldg 1-191 DCOM [email protected]
Michele Berger Acad Success and Bar Preparation Faculty/Asst Prof of Law 865-545-5347 Duncan School of Law-219 Law School [email protected]
Bruce Beverly Professor of Law 865-545-5316 Duncan School of Law-217 Law School [email protected]
Heather Bhakta Assistant Professor of Veterinary Health Science 423-869-6634 Schenck Building-115 Allied Health [email protected]
Teresa Bicknell Dean, School of Education & Associate Professor of Education & Associate Professor of Education 865-531-4108 Cedar Bluff-117 Education [email protected]
Paula Billingsley-Koning Mental Health Counselor 423-869-6277 Duke Hall-202 Office of Counseling/ADA [email protected]
Katherine Bisceglia-Stotts Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-7402 J. Frank White Academy-1st FL J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Amy Bishop Anatomy Assistant, Knoxville 865-338-5713 WKNOX Bldg 1-102 DCOM [email protected]
Jacqueline Black Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Graduate Program Director 865-545-5324 Duncan School of Law-256 Social Sciences [email protected]
Rochelle Black Director of Men's & Women's Track & Field & Cross Country 423-869-6555 Tex Turner Arena-ARENA Athletic Administration [email protected]
Ralph Bledsoe Groundskeeper 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Grounds [email protected]
Emily Blevins Admissions Assistant, CVM 423-869-5162 College of Veterinary Medicine-257 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Daphne Blevins-Cannon Custodial Crew Leader 423-869-6402 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Haley Boggs Necropsy Technician/Student Coordinator Univ KY Vet Diagnostic Lab College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Patsy Bolden Coordinator, CSON Assessment & Graduate Support 423-869-6210 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-220 Nursing [email protected]
Mary Bolton Director of Examination & Assessment Services 423-869-7161 DCOM-340 DCOM [email protected]
Joshua Boone Associate Professor of Mathematics 423-869-7126 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-343 Mathematics [email protected]
Teddy Booth Director of Academic Support & Instructor of History and Social Work 423-869-6080 Finley Resource Center-113 Student Services [email protected]
Bryce Boser Director of Social Media & Community Engagement 423-869-7468 DAR-Whitford Hall-303 Public Relations [email protected]
Michael Boudreau Security Officer, Knoxville Duncan School of Law-SEC Security [email protected]
Blaze Bowers Assistant Vice President for Academic and Student 423-869-6315 DAR-Whitford Hall-213 Student Services [email protected]
Grant Boxey Anatomical Education PhD Teaching Assistant, Harrogate Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-404 DCOM [email protected]
Rebecca Brackmann Associate Professor of English 423-869-7111 Avery Hall-107 Language and Literature [email protected]
Steve Bradford Construction Worker 423-869-6406 LMU Infrastructure Mgmt. Construction [email protected]
Richard Bradley Examination Services Specialist, CVM 423-869-6559 College of Veterinary Medicine-250 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Vanessa Bradley Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Thomas Bragg Associate Professor of English 423-869-6271 Avery Hall-105 Language and Literature [email protected]
Thomas Brambley Director of Classroom Technology 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Carla Brandon Registration Assistant 423-869-6313 DAR-Whitford Hall-110 Registrar [email protected]
Hannah Brandon Information Literacy Librarian 423-869-6325 Finley Resource Center-1TCHSR Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
LaRoy Brandt Associate Professor of Biology-Conservation Biology & Director of the Cumberland Mountain Research Center 423-869-6608 Cumberland Mtn Research Ctr-2nd Fl Biology [email protected]
Gerald Branham Recruitment & Student Success Coord, School of Math & Science 423-869-6611 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-339 Math & Natural Sciences [email protected]
Kaitlin Bray Administrative Assistant for Clinical Affairs 423-869-6237 DCOM-106 DCOM [email protected]
Andy Bricker Director of Wrestling 423-869-6032 LMU Indoor Tennis Bldg.-Upstai Athletic Administration [email protected]
Petra Brnova Assistant Professor of Management Business and Education Bldg.-122 Graduate Business [email protected]
Erin Brock Director of Licensure and Testing 423-869-6405 Business and Education Bldg.-221 Education [email protected]
Kyle Brock Heavy Equipment Operator 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Construction [email protected]
Sherri Brock Receptionist and Administrative Assistant, JFWA 423-869-6520 J. Frank White Academy-1st FL J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Chris Brooks Construction Worker 423-869-6406 LMU Infrastructure Mgmt. Construction [email protected]
Theresa Brooks Manager of Examination Services 423-869-6918 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-315 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Daniel Brown Head of Technical Services 423-869-6525 Finley Resource Center-110 Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
Ryan Brown General Counsel 423-869-6906 President's Office-204 Legal Department [email protected]
Dylan Browning Police Officer 423-869-6911 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
Lynda Browning Instructor of Nursing 423-869-6069 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-226 Nursing [email protected]
Kasey Bruce Mental Health Counselor 865-338-5729 WKNOX Bldg 1-172 Office of Counseling/ADA [email protected]
Benjamin Bruflat Assistant Professor of Music 423-869-6304 Avery Hall-311 Fine Arts & Communications [email protected]
Matthew Bruining Admissions Recruiter DCOM 423-869-7095 DCOM-317 DCOM [email protected]
Alannah Brunk Administrative Assistant, School of Mathematics & Sciences 423-869-7071 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-327E Math & Natural Sciences [email protected]
Laura Bryant Student Activities Coordinator, Knoxville 865-338-5710 WKNOX Bldg 1-138 DCOM [email protected]
Jan Brynda Program Administrative Coordinator, PA-Knox West 865-338-5675 WKNOX Bldg 1-122 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Ann-Marie Buchanan Associate Professor of Social Work & Chair for Social Work 423-869-7158 Avery Hall-315 Social Work [email protected]
Jeremy Buchanan Manager, Interprofessional IPE & CEC 423-869-6043 DCOM-215 DCOM [email protected]
Colleen Bullen Academic Fieldwork Coordinator & Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy 865-338-5725 WKNOX Bldg 2-258 Occupational Therapy [email protected]
Ricky Burchfield Custodian Maintenance Building-MAINT Custodial [email protected]
Michael Burger Associate Professor, Doctor of Medical Science Program 423-869-7458 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-319 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Rebecca Burleson Associate Professor of Education 423-869-6837 Business and Education Bldg.-217 Education [email protected]
Regina Burns Director of Special Projects and Foundations for University Advancement 423-869-6255 Grant-Lee Hall-320 University Advancement [email protected]
Vickie Burns Instructor of Nursing, Corbin 423-869-6572 Baptist Health Corbin-211 Nursing [email protected]
Jennifer Butcher Director of Career Services 423-869-6679 DAR-Whitford Hall-216 President [email protected]
Patricia Butterbrodt Director of Outcomes Assessment 423-869-6538 College of Veterinary Medicine-260 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Robert Byers Senior Network Administrator 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Paul Cadle Groundskeeper 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Grounds [email protected]
Ashley Cambron Executive Assistant, Executive VP for Administration 423-869-6467 Grant-Lee Hall-001 Enrollment Management [email protected]
Savannah Campbell Assistant Professor of Psychology 423-869-6456 Avery Hall-304 Social Sciences [email protected]
Teresa Campbell Associate Professor of Pathology, DCOM & Chair of Pathology 423-869-6656 DCOM-236 DCOM [email protected]
Chelsey Cantwell Principal Faculty-LMU-Knoxville PA Program 865-338-5722 WKNOX Bldg 1-154 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Whitney Cantwell Nurse Educator 1 423-869-6819 College of Veterinary Medicine-219 DCOM [email protected]
Hesper Capps Faculty Assistant, Knoxville - Duncan School of Law 865-545-5345 Duncan School of Law-244 Law School [email protected]
Kimberly Carney Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Admissions, CVM 423-869-6822 College of Veterinary Medicine-315 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Patricia Carroll Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator, DSOL 865-545-5304 Duncan School of Law-111 Law School [email protected]
Sherry Carroll Administrative Assistant, President's Office 423-869-6392 President's Office-Recept President [email protected]
Devan Carter Head Women's Basketball Coach 423-869-6224 Tex Turner Arena-101B Athletic Administration [email protected]
Devon Carter Financial Analyst 423-869-6544 Grant-Lee Hall-210 Finance [email protected]
Carissa Carver Mental Health Counselor 423-869-6561 Duke Hall-202 Office of Counseling/ADA [email protected]
Jacob Carver Institutional Research & Accreditation Associate 423-869-7003 Grant-Lee Hall-116 Institutional Research [email protected]
John Cash Head Men's Volleyball Coach 423-869-6348 Mary E. Mars Gymnasium-MARS Athletic Administration [email protected]
Kelly Cash Graduate Financial Aid Officer 423-869-7461 DAR-Whitford Hall-116 Financial Aid [email protected]
Samantha Cash Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6294 J. Frank White Academy-1st FL J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Chessica Cave Associate Professor of Education 423-869-6478 Business and Education Bldg.-221 Education [email protected]
Noel Cawley Associate Professor of Biology 423-869-6622 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-328 Biology [email protected]
Madeline Caylor Admissions & Student Services Coordinator 423-869-6910 DCOM-317 DCOM [email protected]
Marca Cenatiempo Director of Health Sciences Research & Grants 423-869-6838 DCOM-221 DCOM [email protected]
Michael Center Clinical Skills and Anatomy Veterinarian/Asst Professor 423-869-6082 DVTC-SA128 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Alyssa Charles Instructor of Nursing, Knoxville 865-370-2110 LMU Tower-129 Nursing [email protected]
Stacy Chelf Assistant Professor of Anatomy & Vice Chair of Anatomy 865-338-5697 WKNOX Bldg 1-129 DCOM [email protected]
Dawn Chesnut Learning Specialist 423-869-6051 DCOM-326 DCOM [email protected]
Jeffrey Chesnut Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine 423-869-7438 DCOM-132 DCOM [email protected]
Keslee Chessor Instructor of Nursing, Blount LMU Tower-205 Nursing [email protected]
Undine Christmann Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Equine Boarded Clinician 423-869-6233 College of Veterinary Medicine-228 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Bethany Chumley Rotations Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-6098 DCOM-103 DCOM [email protected]
April Church Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs & Professor of Music 423-869-6056 Grant-Lee Hall-130 Academic Affairs/Provost [email protected]
Darrin Clark Instructor of Mathematics 423-869-7153 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-330 Mathematics [email protected]
Timothy Clayton Assistant Professor of Mathematics 423-869-6413 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-340 Mathematics [email protected]
Vicki Clevinger Assistant Professor of Education Cedar Bluff-125 Post Baccalaureate Programs [email protected]
Bethany Coke Access Services Librarian 423-869-6076 Carnegie Vincent Library-1FL Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
Kelly Cole Instructor of Nursing, Knoxville 865-370-2106 LMU Tower-111 Nursing [email protected]
Rachel Cole Assistant Professor of Pharmacology 423-869-6085 DCOM-410 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Mark Coleman Associate Professor of Anatomy 423-869-6396 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-413 DCOM [email protected]
Jorge Collazo Assistant Men's Volleyball Coach 423-869-6331 Mary E. Mars Gymnasium-001 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Clarence Colle Associate Dean of Preclinical Academic Affairs and Basic Medical Sciences Professor of Microbiology 423-869-6715 DCOM-223 DCOM [email protected]
William Collingsworth Clinical Skills Model Coordinator 423-869-6682 DVTC-133 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Amanda Collins Anatomy Lab Facilities Manager Dcom At Lmu-Knoxville 865-338-5762 WKNOX Bldg 1-101 DCOM [email protected]
Judy Collins Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6358 J. Frank White Academy-212 J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Kiplyn Collins Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6286 J. Frank White Academy-G11 J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Randi Collins Large Animal Clinical Skills Coordinator, CVM 423-869-6230 DVTC-ET101 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Lila Combs Director, Student Support Services 423-869-6213 Finley Resource Center-112 Student Support Services [email protected]
Mark Combs Construction Worker 423-869-6406 LMU Infrastructure Mgmt. Construction [email protected]
Ismael Concha Assistant Professor of Veterinary Anatomy 423-869-6526 College of Veterinary Medicine-259 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Stephanie Conder Assistant Professor of Nursing 423-869-6075 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-223 Nursing [email protected]
Travis Cooke Assistant Men's Soccer Coach 423-869-6095 Tex Turner Arena-010 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Deanna Cooper Assistant General Counsel 423-869-6521 President's Office-202 Legal Department [email protected]
Kevin Cooper Assistant Professor of Physics & Program Director of Chemical Physics 423-869-7156 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-347 Chemistry and Physics [email protected]
Anya Cope Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs & Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine 423-869-6605 DCOM-110 DCOM [email protected]
Dana Copeland Director of Academic Success, Cvm Cedar Bluff-172 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
William Copenhaver OMM Scholar DCOM-210 DCOM [email protected]
Julia Corder Director of CSON Special Projects & Grants 865-531-4141 Cedar Bluff-179 Nursing [email protected]
Whitney Cornett OMM Scholar DCOM-210 DCOM [email protected]
Rachel Cosby Visiting Clinical Student Integration Coordinator College of Veterinary Medicine-237 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Sheliah Cosby Senior Director of Alumni Services 423-869-6353 Grant-Lee Hall-324 University Advancement [email protected]
Megan Cottrell Assistant Registrar for Student Information 423-869-6263 DAR-Whitford Hall-106 Registrar [email protected]
Dustin Cowan Admissions Business Analyst 423-869-6772 DAR-Whitford Hall-210 Information Services [email protected]
Steven Cowan Professor of Philosophy and Religion & Department Chair, Humanities 423-869-6220 Avery Hall-305 Humanities [email protected]
Ebony Cox Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards 423-869-6365 Carnegie Vincent Library-105 Enrollment Management [email protected]
J C Cox Maintenance Worker 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Maintenance [email protected]
Lisa Cox Assistant Professor of Business 423-869-6722 Business and Education Bldg.-141 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Elysha Crosby Anatomy Assistant 423-869-6506 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-404 DCOM [email protected]
Chloe Cross OMM Scholar DCOM-210 DCOM [email protected]
Evelyn Cross Nurse Educator, Knoxville 865-338-5730 WKNOX Bldg 1-190 DCOM [email protected]
Vickie Cuatt MANS Building Receptionist/Building Coordinator 423-869-6000 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-Ft Dsk Math & Natural Sciences [email protected]
Kathryn Daily-Trude Administrative Assistant for Research Programs 423-869-6778 College of Veterinary Medicine-320 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
David Daniel Utility Mapping Manager 423-869-6357 Water Filtration Plant Water Treatment [email protected]
William Daniels Director Community College Partnerships and Veterans Affairs 423-869-6279 DAR-Whitford Hall-301 Student Services [email protected]
Evan Darm Head Coach Mens and Womens Cross Country & Track & Field 423-869-6228 Tex Turner Arena-007 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Jeffrey Darrow Associate Professor, Mathematics & Chair/Program Director Department of Mathematics 423-869-6420 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-342 Mathematics [email protected]
Danielle Darter Assistant Professor Family Medicine 865-338-5689 WKNOX Bldg 1-165 DCOM [email protected]
Bradford Davis Graduate Financial Aid Officer 423-869-6451 DAR-Whitford Hall-117 Financial Aid [email protected]
Cierra Davis Electronic Resources Assistant 423-869-6074 Finley Resource Center-1-TSA Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
Gwendolyn Davis Instructor of Nursing, Blount LMU Tower-205 Nursing [email protected]
Melissa Day Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies & Clinical Coordinator 423-869-6344 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-312 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Rosemary Day Director of Campus Interior Design & Special Events 423-869-6442 Cumberland Gap Cabin-CABIN Administration [email protected]
Savannah Day Coordinator of Aquatics 423-869-6243 Mary S. Annan Natatorium/Pool-POOL Student Services [email protected]
Fermin DeLa Torre Security Officer, Knoxville 865-531-6911 Cedar Bluff-SEC Security [email protected]
James Dean Senior Computer Support Technician 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Tammy Dean Dean, Caylor School of Nursing and Prof of Nursing 865-531-4124 Cedar Bluff-182 CB Nursing [email protected]
Jacques Debrot Associate Professor of English 423-869-6339 Avery Hall-103 Language and Literature [email protected]
Gina Defranco Associate Professor of Family Medicine & Chair of Family Medicine 865-338-5700 WKNOX Bldg 1-166 DCOM [email protected]
Andrew Delph Director for First Year Experience 423-869-6337 DAR-Whitford Hall-218 Student Services [email protected]
Christopher Desanto Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 423-869-6340 Tex Turner Arena-arena Athletic Administration [email protected]
Elizabeth Devine Assistant Professor of Large Animal Surgery 423-869-6206 DVTC-SA104 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Muthu Dharmasena Assistant Professor of Biology 423-869-6566 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-335 Biology [email protected]
Edward Diden Assistant Professor of Education 865-531-4117 Cedar Bluff-112 Education [email protected]
April Disney Financial Aid Specialist 423-869-6491 DAR-Whitford Hall-113 Financial Aid [email protected]
Michael Disney Chief Technology Officer 423-869-7124 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Lucinda Dixon Assistant Professor of Anatomy 423-869-6439 College of Veterinary Medicine-256 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Lea Dodge Executive Director - Tampa, Assistant Professor or Nursing 813-331-4632 Florida Hospital of Tampa-155 Nursing [email protected]
Gary Dodson Campus Post Master 423-869-6812 Student Center-Post Receiving/Distribution [email protected]
Thomas Doles Assistant Athletics Director 423-869-6384 Tex Turner Arena-101D Athletic Administration [email protected]
Christina Dougherty Clinical Relations Lead Veterinarian III and Assistant Professor 423-869-7101 College of Veterinary Medicine-232 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Elizabeth Douglas Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine 423-869-6702 DCOM-122 DCOM [email protected]
Daniel Drinnen Associate Medical Director, Physician Assistant Program, Knoxville 865-338-5738 WKNOX Bldg 1-119 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Amy Drittler Director of Alumni Services and CME, DCOM 423-869-6252 DCOM-327 DCOM [email protected]
Molly Duggan Director of Quality Enhancement Plan 423-869-7190 Grant-Lee Hall-118 Quality Enhancement Plan [email protected]
Erick Dugger Coordinator, Cson Off-Campus Learning Sites 865-531-4100 Cedar Bluff-Frt De Nursing [email protected]
Cathy Dunn Academic Support Assistant 423-869-6330 Business and Education Bldg.-227 Education [email protected]
Marta Dunn Administrative Assistant, Information Services 423-869-6454 Duke Hall-201 Information Services [email protected]
Lisa Ebner Associate Professor of Anesthesiology 423-869-6515 College of Veterinary Medicine-264 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Steven Edwards Assistant Professor of Medical Technology 423-869-6232 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-111 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Joel Effler Assistant Professor of Education 865-531-4126 Cedar Bluff-168 Education [email protected]
Joan Eiffe Assistant Professor of Nursing 865-370-2103 LMU Tower-113 Nursing [email protected]
Timothy Elledge Assistant Professor of Ethics 423-869-6029 DCOM-339 DCOM [email protected]
Jordan Elliott Director of New Media 423-869-6061 DAR-Whitford Hall-305 Public Relations [email protected]
Rachel Ely Coordinator for Student Services, CVM 423-869-6840 College of Veterinary Medicine-313 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Chris Emge Media Specialist 423-869-7411 Duncan School of Law-101 Information Services [email protected]
Jessica Enderson Assistant Professor of Surgery 865-338-6419 DCOM-205 DCOM [email protected]
Jami England Assistant Professor of Nursing 423-869-6380 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-232 Nursing [email protected]
Tywana England Director of Teacher Candidate Placement & Development 423-869-6253 Business and Education Bldg.-214 Education [email protected]
Billy Engle Associate Professor of Medical Technology & MLS Program Director 423-869-6471 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-112 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Emily Engle Administrative Assistant, Graduate Medical Education, DCOM 423-869-6013 DCOM-3ES DCOM [email protected]
Joshua Engle Clinical Simulation Data Specialist 423-869-6070 College of Veterinary Medicine-209 DCOM [email protected]
Erika Eschberger Instructional Technologist 423-869-6268 Business and Education Bldg.-118 Academic Services [email protected]
Deborah Estes Coordinator for Examination Services , DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423-869-6673 DCOM-308E DCOM [email protected]
Holly Evans Recruitment & Student Success Coordinator 423-869-7417 Schenck Building-108 Allied Health [email protected]
Justin Evans Custodian Maintenance Building-MANT Custodial [email protected]
Randall Evans Associate Dean of Career Services & Professional Development & Professor of Veterinary Medicine 423-869-6458 College of Veterinary Medicine-317 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Stephen Everly Associate Professor, Chemistry & Chair/Program Director, Department of Chemistry and Physics 423-869-6472 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-327D Chemistry and Physics [email protected]
Mohamed Faizer Professor of Law 865-545-5315 Duncan School of Law-335 Law School [email protected]
Evelyn Farmer Assistant Director for Graduate & Professional Housing 423-869-7178 University Inn-UINN Residence Halls [email protected]
Karen Farmer Office Manager & Facilities Management Coordinator 423-869-7409 Cumberland Gap Offices-4 Physical Plant Administration [email protected]
Rhonda Farmer Corbin Site Coordinator & Administrative Assistant 423-869-6556 Baptist Health Corbin-225 Nursing [email protected]
Charles Faulkner Professor of Parasitology 423-869-6676 College of Veterinary Medicine-229 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Vina Faulkner Professor of Virology 423-869-6407 College of Veterinary Medicine-263 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Leanna Ferguson Instructor of Nursing, Tampa 813-331-4649 Florida Hospital of Tampa-127 Nursing [email protected]
Clint Field Assistant Professor of Biology, Anatomy & Physiology 423-869-6625 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-331 Biology [email protected]
Rolando Figueroa Security Officer Florida Hospital of Tampa-FO Security [email protected]
Lovella Fitzovich Coordinator of Examination Services, Dcom Lmu-Knoxville 865-338-5702 WKNOX Bldg 1-150 DCOM [email protected]
Barbara Flanagan Assistant Professor of Education 865-531-4123 Cedar Bluff-125 Education [email protected]
Cynthia Flowers Senior Coordinator of Financial Aid Operations 423-869-6309 DAR-Whitford Hall-119 Financial Aid [email protected]
Asher Flynn Assistant Professor, Exercise Science 423-869-6828 Pkwy Athletic Training Clinic-11 Allied Health [email protected]
Tasha Flynn Head Women's Soccer Coach 423-869-6482 Tex Turner Arena-011 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Katherine Fogelberg Director of the Center in Veted & Training 423-869-6620 College of Veterinary Medicine-252 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Samantha Ford Administrative Assistant, HR 423-869-7012 Grant-Lee Hall-223 Human Resources [email protected]
Karen Foster Associate Professor of Education 865-531-4102 Cedar Bluff-113 Education [email protected]
Jason Fowler Associate Professor of Biochemistry 423-869-6720 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-333 Biology [email protected]
Ave Frady-Sennon Accounts Payable Coordinator 423-869-6096 Grant-Lee Hall-103 Finance [email protected]
Tyler Francis Assistant Professor of Economics 423-869-6260 Business and Education Bldg.-139 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Lindsey Frasure Instructor of Nursing Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-223 Nursing [email protected]
Aaron Fraustro Administrative Assistant School of Business 423-869-6254 Business and Education Bldg.-105 Graduate Business [email protected]
Natalie Freeman Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Director of Research, Knoxville 865-338-5737 WKNOX Bldg 1-240 DCOM [email protected]
Sandra Frempong Assistant Professor of Accounting 865-531-4159 Cedar Bluff-198 Graduate Business [email protected]
Tracey Fritts-Lay Administrative Assistant for Admissions & Student Services 865-338-5676 WKNOX Bldg 1-137 DCOM [email protected]
Brandy Fuesting Assistant Professor of Public Health 865-338-5684 WKNOX Bldg 1-215 DCOM [email protected]
Wendy Fultz Rotations Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-7005 DCOM-107 DCOM [email protected]
Ethan Fulwood Assistant Professor of Anatomy 865-338-5719 WKNOX Bldg 1-108 DCOM [email protected]
Natasha Fuson Teacher Assistant, JFWA 423-869-6234 J. Frank White Academy-MAIN J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Cherie Gaines Associate Professor of Education 865-531-4154 Cedar Bluff-123 Education [email protected]
Martha Gale Director of Continuing Education 865-338-5750 WKNOX Bldg 3-203 College of Dentistry [email protected]
Jennifer Gambrel Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs 423-869-6755 DAR-Whitford Hall-214 Student Services [email protected]
Laura Gambrel Administrative Assistant Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences 423-869-6317 Avery Hall-100 School of Arts [email protected]
Whitney Gann Instructor of Nursing 423-869-6541 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-232 Nursing [email protected]
Madeline Garren Receptionist DCOM at LMU-Knoxville 865-338-5800 DCOM [email protected]
John Gassler Associate Professor of Anatomy 423-869-7182 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-410 DCOM [email protected]
Charles Gee Associate Professor of Media Communications & Program Director, CAM 423-869-6386 Avery Hall-212 Fine Arts & Communications [email protected]
Grady Gepfert Computer Support Technician 423-869-7411 WKNOX Bldg 1-234 Information Services [email protected]
Amanda Gibson Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6588 J. Frank White Academy-Grd FL J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Clint Gibson Assistant AD for Sports Medicine 423-869-6077 Tex Turner Arena-ARENA Athletic Administration [email protected]
Tessa Gibson Medical Librarian 423-869-7424 Finley Resource Center-2nd FL Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
Michael Giles Associate Professor of Art & Department Chair of Fine Arts & Communications 423-869-7407 Cumberland Gap Offices-ARTS Fine Arts & Communications [email protected]
Joseph Gill Assistant Professor of Theatre & Technical Director/Designer of Lincoln Memorial University Theatre & Faculty Athletic Representative 423-869-6265 Avery Hall-112 Fine Arts & Communications [email protected]
William Gill Associate Professor of Law & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 865-545-5312 Duncan School of Law-231 Law School [email protected]
Alexandra Gilley Assistant Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine 423-869-7196 College of Veterinary Medicine-255 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Jessey Gilley Associate Professor of Geography 423-869-6645 Cumberland Gap Offices-1 Humanities [email protected]
Robert Gilley Associate Professor of Veterinary Surgery, Small Animal Surgeon 423-869-6504 College of Veterinary Medicine-267 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Bethel Gilliam Assistant Water Operator 423-869-6357 Water Filtration Plant-Water Water Treatment [email protected]
Lee Gilroy Associate Professor of Psychology & Program Director, Psychology 423-869-6774 Avery Hall-306 Social Sciences [email protected]
Kristie Givens Instructor of Nursing 423-869-7428 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-234 Nursing [email protected]
Jeremy Glenn Maintenance Worker 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Maintenance [email protected]
Alyssa Godsey Security Communications Operator Tex Turner Arena-Turn Security [email protected]
Jody Goins Executive Vice President for Administration 423-869-6725 Grant-Lee Hall-004 Enrollment Management [email protected]
Shana Goins Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Jozie Gold Instructor of Nursing 865-909-6986 Cedar Bluff-171 Nursing [email protected]
Nicholas Gonino Computer Support Technician 423-869-7411 Information Services [email protected]
Giancarlo Gonzalez Assistant Professor of Political Science & Program Director for Political Science 423-869-6236 Avery Hall-307 Social Sciences [email protected]
Tracie Gooch Assistant Professor of Nursing 423-869-7444 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-237 Nursing [email protected]
Debbie Good Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Christina Graham Executive Vice President for Finance 423-869-6314 Grant-Lee Hall-204 Finance [email protected]
Daniel Graves Director of Office of Accessible Education Services & Instructor of Psychology 423-869-6587 DAR-Whitford Hall-309B Student Services [email protected]
Milburn Graves Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Montana Gray Director of Clinical Rotations, CVM 423-869-7102 College of Veterinary Medicine-234 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Johnathan Greene Director, Aha Training Center & Instructor, Medical Educatio 423-869-6480 DCOM-302 DCOM [email protected]
Kaitlin Greene Assistant Professor of Didactic ED, PA Program 865-338-5718 WKNOX Bldg 1-130 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Zachary Greene Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6507 J. Frank White Academy-214A J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Suzanne Greenwood OMM Scholar, Knoxville WKNOX Bldg 1-214 DCOM [email protected]
Joshua Gregory Security Officer, Knoxville 865-370-6911 LMU Tower-SEC Security [email protected]
Sarah Griffith Instructor of Nursing, Blount 865-370-2110 LMU Tower-129 Nursing [email protected]
Donald Grigsby Athletics Director 423-869-6826 Tex Turner Arena-101C Athletic Administration [email protected]
Cory Gritton Anatomical Education PhD Teaching Assistant, Knoxville 865-338-5686 WKNOX Bldg 1-110 DCOM [email protected]
Adam Gromley Associate Professor of Molecular/Cellular Biology & Director of Research 423-869-6698 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-433 DCOM [email protected]
Zeynep Gromley Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Chair Molecular Sciences 423-869-6792 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-429 DCOM [email protected]
Jennifer Gross Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Karen Gruszynski Associate Professor of Epidemiology 423-869-6738 College of Veterinary Medicine-328 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Jonathan Guihurt Santiago Anatomy Scholar, Knoxville WKNOX Bldg 1-219 DCOM [email protected]
Carolyn Gulley Executive Director of Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs 423-869-6291 Grant-Lee Hall-107 Grants [email protected]
Madison Guy Receptionist/Accounts Payable Assistant 423-869-6398 Grant-Lee Hall-Ft Dsk Finance [email protected]
Kristie Hale Instructor of Nursing Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-222 Nursing [email protected]
Christopher Haley Director of Sports Media & Marketing Tex Turner Arena-102C Sports Information [email protected]
Julie Hall Associate Professor of Molecular Biology & Chair, Program Director Department of Biology 423-869-6067 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-327C Biology [email protected]
Wesley Hall Farm Manager 423-869-6215 DVTC-SC101 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Gayle Hamann Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine 865-338-6758 WKNOX Bldg 1-219 DCOM [email protected]
Beverly Hamilton Program Director, Master of Science Programs & Associate Professor Microbiology/Immunology & Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion 423-869-7441 DCOM-344 DCOM [email protected]
Kayla Hammer Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6474 J. Frank White Academy-215A J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Kellee Hanigan Associate Professor & Program Director, Physical Therapy 865-338-5680 WKNOX Bldg 2-236 Physical Therapy [email protected]
David Harmon Maintenance Worker - DSOL Duncan School of Law Maintenance [email protected]
Colby Harness Security Officer, Knoxville 865-545-6911 Duncan School of Law-SEC Security [email protected]
Anthony Harper Assistant Professor of Anatomy-Lmu Dcom Knoxville 865-338-5748 WKNOX Bldg 1-107 DCOM [email protected]
Jennifer Harrington Assistant Dean & Program Director, PA, Tampa 423-869-7106 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-310 Physician Assistant Program [email protected]
Dylan Harris Maintenance Worker 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Maintenance [email protected]
Maria Harris Assistant Director of Admissions, DCOM 423-869-6290 DCOM-320 DCOM [email protected]
Stewart Harris Director of Major Gifts for DSOL 865-545-5308 Duncan School of Law-337 University Advancement [email protected]
Christopher Harrison Director of Academic Support, Knoxville 865-338-5705 WKNOX Bldg 1-144 DCOM [email protected]
Jason Hauser Special Assistant to the President & Instructor of History 423-869-6633 President's Office-203 President [email protected]
Kelly Hawk Title IX Coordinator/Institutional Compliance Officer 423-869-6618 Grant-Lee Hall-115 Student Services [email protected]
Justin Haywood Baseball Coach 423-869-6798 Lamar Hennon Baseball Complex-LAMAR Athletic Administration [email protected]
Lindsay Haywood Executive Director for Enrollment Services 423-869-6300 DAR-Whitford Hall-212 Undergraduate Adm [email protected]
Michelle Heinan Professor of Physician Assistant Studies & Compliance Specialist 423-869-7459 DCOM-457 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Abigail Heiniger Assistant Professor of English & Department Chair, Literature & Language 423-869-6627 Avery Hall-109 Language and Literature [email protected]
Andrew Helton Programmer Analyst Report Writer 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-201 Information Services [email protected]
Michael Hendrickson Computer Support Technician 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Annette Hensley Employee Relations Administrator 423-869-7157 Grant-Lee Hall-222 Human Resources [email protected]
Anthony Hensley Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6487 J. Frank White Academy-206 J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Melissa Hensley Rotations Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-7133 DCOM-108 DCOM [email protected]
Melissa Hensley Security Communications Operator Supervisor 423-869-6911 Tex Turner Arena Security [email protected]
Roxanne Hensley Admissions Counselor 423-869-6025 DAR-Whitford Hall-204 Enrollment Management [email protected]
Erin Hermann Assistant Professor of Nursing 865-531-4130 Cedar Bluff-176 Nursing [email protected]
Donna Hermey Professor of Anatomy, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine & Chair of Anatomy & Program Director Anatomical Education 423-869-7127 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-407 DCOM [email protected]
Eugene Hess President 423-869-6391 President's Office-201 President [email protected]
Rachel Hickman Research Assistant/Lab Manager WKNOX Bldg 2-280 Occupational Therapy [email protected]
Daniel Hicks Senior Audio/Visual Technician 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Artie Higgins Security Officer 423-869-6911 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
Cheryl Hild Assistant Professor of Decision Science 865-531-4112 Cedar Bluff-196 Graduate Business [email protected]
Donald Hill Security Officer 423-869-6911 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
Patricia Hill Finance Office Coordinator 423-869-6284 Grant-Lee Hall-228 Finance [email protected]
Travis Hill Assistant Women's Softball Coach 423-869-7064 Do Not Use Athletic Administration [email protected]
Kaylee Hogard Athletic Trainer 423-869-6589 Lacrosse Field-104 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Aaron Hollingsworth Security Officer 423-869-6911 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
Jennifer Holt Instructor of Nursing 423-869-6377 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-235 Nursing [email protected]
Roger Holt Assistant Professor of Management 423-869-6699 Business and Education Bldg.-140 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Stephanie Holyfield Visiting Assistant Professor of History 423-869-6030 Avery Hall-202 Humanities [email protected]
Dexter Honeycutt Construction Coordinator 423-869-6406 LMU Infrastructure Mgmt. Construction [email protected]
Heather Honeycutt Administrative Assistant for Admissions & Student Services, DCOM 423-869-6512 DCOM-3AS DCOM [email protected]
Trevor Honeycutt Construction Worker 423-869-6406 LMU Infrastructure Mgmt. Construction [email protected]
Judy Hornsby Receptionist and Building Coordinator, LMU-CVM 423-869-6600 College of Veterinary Medicine-1st Fl College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Lisa Horton Academic Support Assistant 423-869-7057 Business and Education Bldg.-237 Education [email protected]
Caitlin Hoskins Nurse Educator 423-869-7149 College of Veterinary Medicine-110 DCOM [email protected]
Joyce Hoskins Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Kari Hoskins Clinical Relations Coordinator 423-869-7406 DCOM-313 DCOM [email protected]
Laura Hounshell Coordinator of Nursing Recruitment & Advising 423-869-6574 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-218D Nursing [email protected]
Jordan Houser Assistant Director of Career Services, DSOL 865-545-5330 Duncan School of Law-241 Law School [email protected]
Marisa Hricovsky Assistant Professor of Art 423-869-6256 Paul V. Hamilton Center-104 Fine Arts & Communications [email protected]
Charles Hubbard Professor of History & Abraham Lincoln Historian 423-869-6354 Avery Hall-206 Humanities [email protected]
Carlton Hudson Receiving/Distribution Coordinator 423-869-6510 LMU Distribution Center-DIST Receiving/Distribution [email protected]
Kristina Hudson Assistant Professor of Education 423-869-6640 Business and Education Bldg.-224 Education [email protected]
Shesney Huff Clinical Activities Coordinator 423-869-6303 Schenck Building-105 Allied Health [email protected]
Jason Hughes Assoc Professor of Occupational Therapy & Program Dir, Ot 865-338-5677 WKNOX Bldg 2-253 Occupational Therapy [email protected]
Stephanie Hull Assistant Dean and Program Director, PA Knox 865-338-5726 WKNOX Bldg 1-121 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Crystal Hunnicutt Director, Nurse Anesthesia Concentration & Assistant Professor of Nursing 423-869-6723 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-231 Nursing [email protected]
Julie Hunt Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences & Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine & Medical Director 423-869-6518 College of Veterinary Medicine-323 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Kevin Hunter Maintenance Worker 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Maintenance [email protected]
Gloria Hutcherson Executive Assistant to the Vice President of University Advancement 423-869-7072 Grant-Lee Hall-302 University Advancement [email protected]
Justina Hyfantis Associate Dean of Students, DCOM at LMU Knoxville 865-338-5688 WKNOX Bldg 1-145 DCOM [email protected]
Julius Ikome Assistant Professor of Accounting 423-869-7471 Business and Education Bldg.-138 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Shannon Ingram Admissions DMS & SMS Alumni & Outreach Coordinator 423-869-7415 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-320A School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
David Jackson Clinical Didactics Administrative Coordinator 865-338-5758 WKNOX Bldg 1-158 DCOM [email protected]
Jessica Jackson Sports Network Coordinator/Audio Visual Tech 423-869-6240 Duke Hall-Baseme Information Services [email protected]
Kevin Jennings Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Criminology & Program Director Criminal Justice 423-869-6580 Avery Hall-301 Social Sciences [email protected]
Sherry Jimenez Associate Dean Interprofessional Education and Simulation & Associate Professor of Medical Education 423-869-6547 DCOM-220 DCOM [email protected]
Christian Johns Director of Operations, CVM 423-869-7169 College of Veterinary Medicine-324 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Casey Johnson PA Program Didactic Faculty - SMS 423-869-6397 DCOM-423 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Judy Johnson Instructor of Nursing 423-869-6072 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-236 Nursing [email protected]
Lyndon Johnson Grounds Crew Leader 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Grounds [email protected]
Melissa Johnson Clinical Affiliation Coordinator 423-869-6035 College of Veterinary Medicine-236 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Robin Johnson Office Manager, Police/Security 423-869-6301 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
Tammy Johnson Legal Assistant 423-869-7125 President's Office-300 Legal Department [email protected]
Erin Johnston Recruitment & Student Success Coordinator, School of AHS 423-869-6403 Avery Hall-309 School of Arts [email protected]
Katrina Jolley Coordinator, Exam Services 423-869-6577 College of Veterinary Medicine-251 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Lauren Jolly Director of Research and Analytics, CVM 423-869-6595 College of Veterinary Medicine-339 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Billy Jones Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Cassi Jones Assistant Professor of Internal 423-869-6438 DCOM-119 DCOM [email protected]
Kathryn Jones Instructor of Nursing 865-531-4143 Cedar Bluff-147 Nursing [email protected]
Katie Jones Director of Academic Success & Assessment and Assistant Professor of Law 865-545-5341 Duncan School of Law-240 Law School [email protected]
Penny Jones Human Resources Generalist 423-869-7112 Grant-Lee Hall-215 Human Resources [email protected]
Stephanie Jones Financial Services Representative 423-869-6336 DAR-Whitford Hall-DAR Finance [email protected]
Tammy Joyner Health Sciences Librarian & Library Systems Coordinator - Tampa 813-331-4616 Florida Hospital of Tampa-102 Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
Kwaku Kankam Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, Neuro 865-338-5766 WKNOX Bldg 2-212 DCOM [email protected]
Jeremy Kartel Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach 423-869-6264 LMU Lacrosse Complex-111 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Sara Kaufman Director of Financial Aid 423-869-6251 DAR-Whitford Hall-111 Financial Aid [email protected]
Stephanie Keer Assistant Professor of Biology 423-869-6489 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-332 Biology [email protected]
Catherine Kelly Faculty Assistant, DSOL - Knoxville 865-545-5339 Duncan School of Law-332 Law School [email protected]
Christopher Kelly Medical Director, Debusk Veterinary Teaching Center & Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine 423-869-6601 DVTC-SA109 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Sean Kelly Computer Support Technician 423-869-7411 Duncan School of Law-205 Information Services [email protected]
Tyler Kelly Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 423-869-6081 Tex Turner Arena-001 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Lisa Kerns Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Kimberly Kertis Research Specialist, Health Sciences 423-869-6441 DCOM-212 DCOM [email protected]
Dennis Kiick Professor of Biochemistry 423-869-7086 DCOM-231 DCOM [email protected]
Young Kim Assistant Professor of Music 423-869-6449 Avery Hall-317 Fine Arts & Communications [email protected]
Veronica King Assistant Professor of Pathology 423-869-6831 College of Veterinary Medicine-245 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Gavin Kirton Assistant Professor of Chemistry 423-869-6222 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-346 Chemistry and Physics [email protected]
Jason Kishpaugh Director of Mental Health Counseling 423-869-6277 Duke Hall-202 Office of Counseling/ADA [email protected]
Whitney Kistler Associate Professor of Biology - Conservation Biology & Program Director of Conservation Biology 423-869-6227 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-329 Biology [email protected]
Susanna Kitts-Morgan Associate Professor of Physiology 423-869-7136 College of Veterinary Medicine-265 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Theresa Knuckles Executive Assistant, School of Education 423-869-6223 Business and Education Bldg.-239 Education [email protected]
Adam Kolatorowicz Associate Professor of Anatomy, DCOM at LMU Knoxville 865-338-5690 WKNOX Bldg 1-105 DCOM [email protected]
Arnetia Kolb Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Mamadi Kourouma Assistant Professor of Finance 423-869-6562 Business and Education Bldg.-BE-119 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Stan Kunigelis Professor of Physiology & Director of Math & Sciences Imaging & Analysis 423-869-6818 DCOM-217 DCOM [email protected]
Janice Lamb Data Entry Clerk 423-869-6599 DAR-Whitford Hall-108 Chief Info Officer [email protected]
Joey Lambert Security Officer 423-869-6701 Tex Turner Arena-FL1PK Security [email protected]
Tyler Langford Assistant Professor of Exercise Science 423-869-6322 Pkwy Athletic Training Clinic-9 Allied Health [email protected]
Carlton Larsen Director of Assessment 423-869-6484 Grant-Lee Hall-117 Institutional Research [email protected]
Gregory Lasley Advisor, Student Support Services 423-869-6209 Finley Resource Center-116 Student Support Services [email protected]
Vonda Laughlin Associate Dean for Distance Education & Assoc Prof of Law 865-545-5344 Duncan School of Law-219 Law School [email protected]
Ashley Laws Dir of Furniture Procurements & Interior Design Assistant 423-869-6470 LMU Infrastructure Mgmt.-3 Administration [email protected]
Blake Laws Police Officer 423-869-6911 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
David Laws Director of Infrastructure Management 423-869-6418 LMU Infrastructure Mgmt. Finance [email protected]
Blake Lawson Assistant Director of Development Health Sciences Division 865-338-5706 WKNOX Bldg 3-206 University Advancement [email protected]
Rhonda Lawson Instructor of Nursing 423-869-6736 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-230 Nursing [email protected]
Sabrina Layel Assistant Vice President for Finance 423-869-6229 Grant-Lee Hall-205 Finance [email protected]
Mary Leckrone Admissions Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the 865-370-2114 LMU Tower-SMEC College of Dentistry [email protected]
Kristy Lee Assistant Professor of Social Work & Field Coordinator 423-869-6332 Avery Hall-313 Social Work [email protected]
Tonya Lee Administrative Assistant, Caylor School of Nursing 423-869-6324 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-218 Nursing [email protected]
Laurana Lehman Admissions and Community Relations Coordinator - Knoxville 865-338-5754 WKNOX Bldg 2-276 Occupational Therapy [email protected]
Troy Lenzmeier Security Officer Florida Hospital of Tampa-FO Security [email protected]
Nancy Lessig Administrative Assistant for Assessment Services, Knoxville 865-338-5694 WKNOX Bldg 1-146 DCOM [email protected]
Anthony Lewis Director of Athletic Development 423-869-6274 Grant-Lee Hall-315 University Advancement [email protected]
Donnie Lewis Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy, Director of Clinical Education 865-338-5683 WKNOX Bldg 2-259 Occupational Therapy [email protected]
James Lewis Director of Forensic Odontology 865-370-2115 LMU Tower-3rd FL College of Dentistry [email protected]
Ciera Lindley Admissions Officer 423-869-6414 College of Veterinary Medicine-258 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Nelson Lindsey Electrician/Maintenance Worker 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Maintenance [email protected]
Carrie Lingerfelt Instructor of Nursing Kingsport Center for Higher Ed-303 Nursing [email protected]
Sue Lintelman Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6326 J. Frank White Academy-116A J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Donnie Lipscomb Director of Development 423-869-6359 Grant-Lee Hall-321 University Advancement [email protected]
James Little Clinical Relations Veterinarian 423-869-6262 College of Veterinary Medicine-242 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Bobby Lockhart Principal, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6295 J. Frank White Academy-112A J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Nikki Lockhart Director of Marketing & PR, Medical Programs 423-869-6432 DAR-Whitford Hall-302 Public Relations [email protected]
Ann Long Head of Research & Digital Collections Librarian & Associate Professor of Law 865-545-5306 Duncan School of Law-336 Law School [email protected]
Emily Long Associate Registrar 423-869-6292 DAR-Whitford Hall-104 Registrar [email protected]
Natalie Long Site Coordinator DeBusk Veterinary Teaching Center 423-869-5161 DVTC-SA Lob College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Sean Long Director for Enrollment Analytics 423-869-6712 DAR-Whitford Hall-208 Enrollment Management [email protected]
Stacy Long Assistant Professor of Physics 423-869-6238 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-344 Chemistry and Physics [email protected]
Susan Long Academic Support Assistant, Cedar Bluff 865-531-4116 Cedar Bluff-119 Education [email protected]
Chelsea Lonon Administrative Assistant - Tampa 813-331-4640 Florida Hospital of Tampa-140 Nursing [email protected]
Carroll Love Academic Support Coordinator - Nursing 865-531-4149 Cedar Bluff-163 Nursing [email protected]
Garrett Lovorn Assistant Baseball Coach 423-869-6797 Lamar Hennon Baseball Complex-LAMAR Athletic Administration [email protected]
Melissa Loy Lead Technician Small Animal, College of Veterinary Medicine 423-869-6513 DVTC-SA134 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Christopher Loyke Dean and Chief Academic Officer, DCOM and Professor of Family Medicine 423-869-6661 DCOM-335 DCOM [email protected]
Julie Loyke Pediatric and FM Nurse Practitioner LMU-DCOM 423-869-6022 Student Center-315 DCOM [email protected]
Jennifer Luckes Police Officer 423-869-6911 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
Mason Luttrell Security Officer, Knoxville WKNOX Bldg 2-SEC Security [email protected]
Michael Lynch Director of the Abraham Lincoln Library & Museum & Instructor of History 423-869-7100 A. Lincoln Museum-240 Lincoln Library and Museum [email protected]
Matthew Lyon Vice President and Dean, Duncan School of Law 865-545-5318 Duncan School of Law-225 Law School [email protected]
Edmond Lyonga Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program Director and Associate Professor of Business 865-531-4164 Cedar Bluff-162 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Robin Mace Director of Admissions, DCOM 423-869-6747 DCOM-321 DCOM [email protected]
Grace Mahieu AITG Events Coordinator/Theater Assistant 423-869-7423 Cumberland Gap Offices-2 Fine Arts & Communications [email protected]
Kathleen Makolinski Shelter Veterinarian & Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine NY at Erie County SPCA College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Tina Malone Assistant Professor of Nursing 813-331-4633 Florida Hospital of Tampa-124 Nursing [email protected]
Charles Manning Clinical Exam Center Coordinator, Knoxville 865-338-5734 WKNOX Bldg 1-181 DCOM [email protected]
Marisa Manus Athletic Trainer 423-869-6708 Tex Turner Arena-ARENA Athletic Administration [email protected]
Christy Mapes Clinical Coordinator & Instructor of Nursing, Graduate Nurse Practitioner Programs 865-909-6988 Cedar Bluff-177 Nursing [email protected]
Cheryl Marcum Custodian Maintenance Building-6464 Custodial [email protected]
Geraldine Marcum Office Manager JFWA 423-869-6234 J. Frank White Academy-112B J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Matthew Marcum Veterinary Health Science and Technology Department & Assistant Professor of Veterinary Science 423-869-7754 Schenck Building-117 Allied Health [email protected]
Murray Marks Director for Forensic Education LMU Tower-TBD College of Dentistry [email protected]
Mary Mars Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6334 J. Frank White Academy-Gym J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Allison Martin Anatomical Education PhD Teaching Assistant, Knoxville 865-338-5684 WKNOX Bldg 1-101 DCOM [email protected]
Jeffrey Martin Chief Administrative Officer, Associate Professor of Physiology & Associate Dean of Basic Medical Sciences 865-338-5693 WKNOX Bldg 1-232 DCOM [email protected]
Aprile Mason Purchasing Coordinator 423-869-7145 Grant-Lee Hall-125 Finance [email protected]
Kalinda Mason Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building-Main Custodial [email protected]
Mary Mason Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences Site Manager 423-869-6716 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-307 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Patricia Mason Administrative Assistant, Athletic Training 423-869-6813 Pkwy Athletic Training Clinic Athletic Administration [email protected]
Verna Mason Instructor of Nursing 423-869-6623 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-233 Nursing [email protected]
Curtis Massengill Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6431 J. Frank White Academy-204 J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Derek Massengill Administrative Assistant, Caylor School of Nursing 423-869-6743 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-218 Nursing [email protected]
Randall Mathews Associate Dean for Enrollment Services 865-545-5303 Duncan School of Law-113 Law School [email protected]
Malia Matteo Associate Head Athletic Trainer 423-869-6598 Tex Turner Arena-ATR1 Athletic Administration [email protected]
James Maxwell Dean School of Business and Professor of Management 423-869-6298 Business and Education Bldg.-106 Graduate Business [email protected]
Melvel Mayes Security Officer (VA Site) 423-869-6090 DeBusk Farm-Frt De Security [email protected]
Michael McBride Vice Dean for Academic & Clinical Education 865-370-2109 LMU Tower-Admin College of Dentistry [email protected]
Logan McCarthy Assistant Professor of Nursing & Assistant Director of the Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Concentration 865-531-4156 Cedar Bluff-178 Nursing [email protected]
Madison McClanahan Director of Admissions and Student Services for Master of Science Programs 423-869-6576 DCOM-314 DCOM [email protected]
Shelley McClelland Clinical Didactics Administrative Coordinator 423-869-7087 DCOM-114 DCOM [email protected]
Jason McConnell Chief Information Officer & Associate Vice President for Finance 423-869-6333 Duke Hall-201 Information Services [email protected]
John McCook Associate Professor of Education & Director, MEdITL Program 865-531-4150 Cedar Bluff-121 Post Baccalaureate Programs [email protected]
Diane McCroskey Instructor of Nursing, Knoxville 865-370-2105 LMU Tower-114 Nursing [email protected]
Amy McCurry Lead Technician Large Animal, College of Veterinary Medicine 423-869-6093 DVTC-ET101 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
William McFarland Athletic Media Relations Director Tex Turner Arena-102B Sports Information [email protected]
Emily McGee Dir of Public Relations & Marketing, Knox Professional Prog 865-338-5727 WKNOX Bldg 3-208 Public Relations [email protected]
Richard McGill Assistant Professor/Chair of Pediatrics 423-869-6046 DCOM-133 DCOM [email protected]
Lori McGrew Associate Professor of Pharmacology 423-869-6613 DCOM-229 DCOM [email protected]
Robin McJunkin Assistant Professor of Nursing 865-531-4137 Cedar Bluff-170 Nursing [email protected]
Chelsey McKimmy Student Services Librarian & Assistant Professor of Law 865-545-5313 Duncan School of Law-220 Law School [email protected]
Candice McKnight Admissions Counselor 423-869-7404 DAR-Whitford Hall-205 Enrollment Management [email protected]
Ethan McLean Security Communications Officer 423-869-6911 Tex Turner Arena-TURN Security [email protected]
Gloria McMahan Instructor of Nursing, Knoxville 865-370-2104 LMU Tower-114 Nursing [email protected]
Marissa McMickens-Hurm Coordinator of Nursing Recruitment & Advising 865-531-4145 Cedar Bluff-179 Nursing [email protected]
Michael McMurray Evening Circulation Supervisor 423-869-6219 Finley Resource Center-Tech Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
Ahleasha McNeal Associate Athletic Director for Academic Services and Compliance 423-869-6371 Tex Turner Arena-101E Athletic Compliance [email protected]
Kyle McRary Health Sciences Librarian 423-869-6218 Finley Resource Center-Tech Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
Andrew McRee Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services, Duncan School of Law 865-545-5335 Duncan School of Law-243 Law School [email protected]
Shanna Mcknight Large Animal Clinical Skills Assistant 423-869-7199 Veterinary Science Center-SC101 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
April Meldrum Professor of Law 865-545-5319 Duncan School of Law-222 Law School [email protected]
James Melton Director of Admissions, JFWA 423-869-6361 J. Frank White Academy-111 J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Allison Metcalf Instructor of Nursing 865-531-4121 Cedar Bluff-170 Nursing [email protected]
Kelsey Metz MBA Program Director, Assistant Professor of Business, & Chair of Graduate Programs 865-531-4144 Cedar Bluff-193 Graduate Business [email protected]
Christina Meyers Payroll Administrator 423-869-7109 Grant-Lee Hall-226 Finance [email protected]
Johnny Meyers Head Superintendent for Athletic Fields 423-869-6381 Tex Turner Arena Athletic Administration [email protected]
Paula Miksa Assistant Dean & Program Director, Doctor of Medical Science Program 423-869-6821 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-320B School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Jay Miles Assistant Professor, Veterinary Science & Department Chair of Veterinary Health Sciences 423-869-6664 Schenck Building-120 Allied Health [email protected]
Adam Miller Strength & Conditioning Coach 423-869-7445 Tex Turner Arena-001 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Candice Miller Didactic Education Assistant, Pa Program Dcom 423-869-7405 DCOM-435 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Lindsey Miller Assistant Professor of Physiology, DCOM Knoxville 865-338-5720 WKNOX Bldg 1-235 DCOM [email protected]
Lynda Miller Associate Professor of Theriogenology 423-869-6737 DVTC-SC117 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Selina Miller Human Resources Specialist 423-869-6423 Grant-Lee Hall-216 Human Resources [email protected]
Clarence Miracle Maintenance Worker/Mechanic 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Maintenance [email protected]
Heather Miracle Transfer Transcript Evaluator 423-869-7165 DAR-Whitford Hall-309A Registrar [email protected]
Melissa Miracle Post Award Grants Manager 423-869-6834 Grant-Lee Hall-108 Grants [email protected]
Lora Mitchell Custodian Maintenance Building-Phy Pl Custodial [email protected]
Erick Moberg Anatomical Education PhD Teaching Assistant, Harrogate 423-869-6214 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-428 DCOM [email protected]
Debasis Mondal Associate Professor of Microbiology and Infectious Disease 865-338-5715 WKNOX Bldg 1-238 DCOM [email protected]
Teanna Moore Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine & Interim Chair of OPP/OMM 865-338-5768 WKNOX Bldg 1-220 DCOM [email protected]
Joey Morgan Research Laboratory Coordinator 423-869-7440 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-434 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Wanda Morgan Assistant Professor of Marketing 423-869-7067 Business and Education Bldg.-120 Graduate Business [email protected]
Mitchell Moses Associate Dean of Clinical Relations and Outreach & Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine 423-869-6528 College of Veterinary Medicine-233 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Rachel Motes Humanities-Special Collections Librarian & Archivist 423-869-6537 Finley Resource Center-103 Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
Lawrence Mott Museum Archivist and Librarian 423-869-6516 A. Lincoln Museum-204 Lincoln Library and Museum [email protected]
Debra Moyers Chief Data Officer 423-869-6469 Duke Hall-201 Information Services [email protected]
Jeremiah Moyers Senior Programmer Analyst 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-201 Information Services [email protected]
Wendy Moyers Rotations Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-6424 DCOM-109 DCOM [email protected]
Stephanie Mullins Student Services Coordinator 865-338-5696 WKNOX Bldg 1-139 DCOM [email protected]
Travis Muncy Men's & Women's Golf Coach 423-869-6383 Golf Field House-GOLF Athletic Administration [email protected]
Wendy Muncy Teacher Assistant, JFWA J. Frank White Academy-1st FL J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Cara Myers Assistant Professor of Nursing 865-531-4125 Cedar Bluff-172 Nursing [email protected]
James Myers Assistant Professor of Education 423-869-6270 Business and Education Bldg.-235 Education [email protected]
Paul Nader Assistant Professor of Veterinary Anatomy 423-869-6534 College of Veterinary Medicine-253 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Dewayne Napier Lieutenant 423-869-6532 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
Holly Napier Director of Admissions 423-869-6078 College of Veterinary Medicine-262 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Catherine Neal Associate Professor, PA Program - Didactic 865-338-5767 WKNOX Bldg 1-163 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Jill Neeley Academic Support Coordinator 423-869-6757 Finley Resource Center-114 Student Services [email protected]
Emily Neely Director of Residential Housing 423-869-7431 Student Center-318B Residence Halls [email protected]
Michael Neff Instructor of Mathematics 423-869-6668 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-341 Mathematics [email protected]
Rekek Negga Clinical Research Assistant College of Veterinary Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Joanna Neilson Assistant Dean & Associate Professor of History 423-869-6427 Avery Hall-208 Humanities [email protected]
Cooper Neimand Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 423-869-6087 Tex Turner Arena-001 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Pamela Nelson Body Donation Coordinator/Administrative Assistant, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423-869-6745 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-409 DCOM [email protected]
Jennifer Newcome Head of Electronic Resources 865-531-4153 Cedar Bluff-136 Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
Jason Newell Assistant Director of Residence Life 423-869-5163 Student Center-317 Residence Halls [email protected]
David Nicely Construction Worker LMU Infrastructure Mgmt. Construction [email protected]
Timmy Nicely Maintenance Worker / Custodian LMU Tower-Main Maintenance [email protected]
Maurice Nida Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine & Chair of Internal Medicine 423-869-7413 DCOM-134 DCOM [email protected]
Tanya Noah Chair, Undergraduate Programs and Assistant Professor 423-869-7110 Business and Education Bldg.-104 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Sonja Noesen Instructor of Nursing, Tampa 813-331-4622 Florida Hospital of Tampa-131 Nursing [email protected]
Savanna Norrod Didactic Administrative Assistant 865-338-5717 WKNOX Bldg 1-131 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Carrie North Executive Assistant to Dean & Chief Academic Officer, DCOM 423-869-6297 DCOM-334 DCOM [email protected]
Charles North Athletic Trainer 423-869-6316 Tex Turner Arena-ARENA Athletic Administration [email protected]
Allen Nunn Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Kelly Nunn Assistant Professor of Nursing & BSN Chair 865-531-4155 Cedar Bluff-175 Nursing [email protected]
Jacqueline Osborne Switchboard Operator 423-869-3611 DAR-Whitford Hall Information Services [email protected]
Ryan Overton Dean, School of Engineering 423-869-6352 College of Veterinary Medicine-325 School of Engineering [email protected]
Chanda Owens Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6505 J. Frank White Academy-104 J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Christopher Owens Police Officer 423-869-6911 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
Richard Owens Director of Campus Safety & Facilities Management 423-869-7410 Cumberland Gap Offices-5 Physical Plant Administration [email protected]
Susan Owens Director of Continuing Education Development 423-869-7186 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-311 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Matthew Pahls Head Athletic Trainer 423-869-7085 Tex Turner Arena-ARENA Athletic Administration [email protected]
Domenico Palazzolo Professor of Physiology 423-869-6680 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-430 DCOM [email protected]
Kay Paris Professor of Social Work 423-869-6323 Avery Hall-312 Social Work [email protected]
James Parker Hospital Relations and Rotation Coordinator 423-869-6905 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-305 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Jessica Parker Academic Support Triage & Counseling Receptionist 423-869-6277 Duke Hall-202 Office of Counseling/ADA [email protected]
Susan Parker Coordinator of Examination Services 423-869-6662 DCOM-308D DCOM [email protected]
Alexander Parks Assistant Professor of Education & Chair, Undergraduate Education 423-869-6553 Business and Education Bldg.-228 Education [email protected]
Jill Parks Director of Operations 423-869-6710 DCOM-333 DCOM [email protected]
Lori Parks Instructor of Nursing LMU Tower-205 Nursing [email protected]
Debbie Patterson Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6496 J. Frank White Academy-106 J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Carolyn Peace Instructor of Nursing, Corbin 423-869-6558 Baptist Health Corbin-213 Nursing [email protected]
Sherry Pearman Director of Nursing Enrollment 423-869-6283 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-218C Nursing [email protected]
Katherine Pebworth Professor of Physical Education & Chair of Sports & Exercise Science 423-869-6461 Mary E. Mars Gymnasium-MARYMA Allied Health [email protected]
Amy Peck Chief Human Resources Officer 423-869-6751 Grant-Lee Hall-220 Human Resources [email protected]
Lucy Pennington-Russell Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach 423-869-6068 Mary E. Mars Gymnasium-003 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Jonathan Perry Computer Support Technician 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Jennifer Peters Administrative Coordinator, CVM 423-869-7462 College of Veterinary Medicine-306 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Amy Pettit Assistant Professor of Nursing/ASN Chair 865-370-2102 LMU Tower-110 Nursing [email protected]
Aaron Phillips Director of Academic Support 423-869-6563 DCOM-325 DCOM [email protected]
Matthew Phillips Security Officer, Knoxville 865-370-6911 LMU Tower-SEC Security [email protected]
Robin Philpot Administrative Asst for Enrollment & Student Affairs DAR-Whitford Hall-2nd FL Enrollment Management [email protected]
Bess Pierce Caha Program Manager & Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine 423-869-6752 College of Veterinary Medicine-329 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Rebecca Pierce Associate Professor of Large Animal Medicine and Surgery 423-869-6019 College of Veterinary Medicine-268 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Jillian Pindar Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy 865-338-5779 WKNOX Bldg 2-267 Occupational Therapy [email protected]
Michelle Pondel Instructor of Nursing, Tampa 813-331-4623 Florida Hospital of Tampa-133 Nursing [email protected]
Kenneth Poore Electrician/Maintence Worker 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Maintenance [email protected]
Nicole Poore Security Communications Officer 423-869-6911 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
Wesley Poteet Computer Support Technician - Tampa 813-331-7411 Florida Hospital of Tampa-146 Information Services [email protected]
Bethany Powers Assistant Professor of Education 865-531-4114 Cedar Bluff-123 Education [email protected]
Carrie Powers Affiliation Agreement Coordinator 423-869-6833 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-306 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Bonnie Price Associate Professor of Veterinary Science & Veterinarian 423-869-7118 Schenck Building-118 Allied Health [email protected]
Heather Price Receiving/Inventory Control Manager 423-869-6342 LMU Distribution Center-DIST Receiving/Distribution [email protected]
Justin Proffitt Sergeant, Police Officer & Fire Prevention Officer 423-869-6024 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
Lisa Pullen Professor of Nursing/Director, FPMHNP Concentration 865-531-4134 Cedar Bluff-174B Nursing [email protected]
Dustin Pulliam Small Animal Clinical DVM & Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine 423-869-6612 College of Veterinary Medicine-338 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Tiffany Pulliam Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine 423-869-6503 DVTC-SA145 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Kathryn Purple Assistant Professor of Biology & Microbiology 423-869-7084 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-334 Biology [email protected]
Wendi Pursel Program Administrative Coordinator, PA Program 423-869-6033 DCOM-417 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Syed Quadri Associate Professor of Pharmacology, DCOM-Knoxville & Chair of Pharmacology, DCOM-Knox 865-338-5724 WKNOX Bldg 1-239 DCOM [email protected]
Amanda Rainey Assistant Professor of Veterinary Science 423-869-6205 Schenck Building-119 Allied Health [email protected]
Ann Ramberg OMM Scholar, Knoxville WKNOX Bldg 1-214 DCOM [email protected]
Lawrence Ramiscal Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy - Msk 865-338-5778 WKNOX Bldg 2-212 DCOM [email protected]
Andrea Ramsey Office Manager & Paralegal 423-869-6533 President's Office-301 Legal Department [email protected]
Angela Ramsey Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Shala Ramsey Bursar 423-869-6462 DAR-Whitford Hall-101 Finance [email protected]
Veronica Ramsey Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Sara Rawls Admissions Counselor 423-869-6239 DAR-Whitford Hall-206 Enrollment Management [email protected]
David Ray Computer Support Technician 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Stacey Ray Instructor, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6365 J. Frank White Academy-107 J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Katherine Reagan Senior Director of Marketing & Public Relations 423-869-6389 DAR-Whitford Hall-302 Public Relations [email protected]
Peyton Redinger Large Animal Assistant 423-869-6215 DVTC-SC 101 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Debbie Redmond DeBusk School of Osteopathic Medicine Receptionist 423-869-7200 DCOM-Atrium DCOM [email protected]
J Redmond Groundskeeper 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Grounds [email protected]
Teresa Reece Security Officer, Knoxville WKNOX Bldg 1-SEC Security [email protected]
Amy Reed Admissions and Community Relations Coordinator 865-338-5685 WKNOX Bldg 1-123 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Sam Reed Utilities Manager 423-869-6357 Water Filtration Plant Water Treatment [email protected]
Melanie Reid Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Law 865-545-5314 Duncan School of Law-333 Law School [email protected]
Delaina Rhodes Assistant Principal, J Frank White Academy 423-869-6272 J. Frank White Academy-G12 J. Frank White Academy [email protected]
Ritchie Richardson Head Women's Softball Coach 423-869-6476 Do Not Use Athletic Administration [email protected]
Anna Rickels Acad Success and Bar Preparation Faculty/Asst Prof of Law 865-545-5340 Duncan School of Law-239 Law School [email protected]
Chad Robbins Senior Financial Aid Officer - Athletics Liaison 423-869-6824 DAR-Whitford Hall-115 Financial Aid [email protected]
Chrystal Roberts Assistant Professor of Nursing 813-331-4615 Florida Hospital of Tampa-123 Nursing [email protected]
Stanley Robertson Clinical Relations Lead Veterinarian II 423-869-7435 College of Veterinary Medicine-231 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Jesse Robinette Assistant Professor of Education 865-531-4135 Cedar Bluff-120 Education [email protected]
Bradley Robinson Assistant Golf Coach 423-869-6092 Golf Field House-GOLF Athletic Administration [email protected]
Jason Robinson Security Officer, Knoxville 865-338-6911 WKNOX Bldg 1-SEC Security [email protected]
Kristine Rodriguez Instructor of Nursing, Cedar Bluff 865-531-4113 Cedar Bluff-172 Nursing [email protected]
Christine Rogers Administrative Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer 865-338-5753 WKNOX Bldg 1-230 DCOM [email protected]
Susan Rogers-Scarlett Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine DVTC Clinical DVM 423-869-6754 DVTC-SA106 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Adam Rollins Dean, School of Mathematics and Sciences & Professor of Biology 423-869-6421 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-327F Biology [email protected]
Natalie Romano Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry 423-869-6542 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-338 Chemistry and Physics [email protected]
Steven Rowlett Security Guard Supervisor 423-869-6701 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Security [email protected]
Robyn Roy Custodian/Maintenance Worker VA 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Andrew Rudd Assistant Professor of Sport Management 423-869-6378 Business and Education Bldg.-119 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Chloe Ruff Director of Academic Assessment for Dcom Knoxville & Assistant Professor of Education, Medical Education Department 865-338-5691 WKNOX Bldg 1-148 DCOM [email protected]
Sonia Rupani Director of Clinical Education, PA 865-338-5707 WKNOX Bldg 1-127 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Gordon Russell Associate Dean, Professor of Law and Director, School of Law Library 865-545-5305 Duncan School of Law-320 Law School [email protected]
Jennifer Russell Admissions Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-7011 DCOM-319 DCOM [email protected]
Jamie Rutland Director of Assessment & CAEP Coordinator 865-531-4146 Cedar Bluff-124 Education [email protected]
Olivia Sabo Athletic Trainer 423-869-6508 Tex Turner Arena-TEX Athletic Administration [email protected]
Emma Sabransky Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy 865-338-5782 WKNOX Bldg 2-268 Occupational Therapy [email protected]
Debra Salata Associate Professor of History & Program Director, History 423-869-7154 Avery Hall-204 Humanities [email protected]
Shelley Salter Assistant Professor of Education & Counseling and Guidance Program Director 865-531-4104 Cedar Bluff-110 Education [email protected]
Jeremiah Samarrippas Men's Basketball Coach 423-869-6529 Tex Turner Arena-ARENA Athletic Administration [email protected]
Julie Sampson Administrative Assistant 865-370-7478 LMU Tower-129 Nursing [email protected]
Amy Sandefur Academic Affairs/Curriculum Coordinator 423-869-7056 DCOM-233 DCOM [email protected]
Jourdan Sanders Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 423-869-6837 Tex Turner Arena-003 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Tommy Sangchompuphen Associate Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Student Learning 865-545-5326 Duncan School of Law-238 Law School [email protected]
Preston Sangster Administrative Assistant - Admissions and Clinical Education 865-338-5746 WKNOX Bldg 2-233 DCOM [email protected]
Willie Santana Visiting Assistant Professor of Law Duncan School of Law-218 Law School [email protected]
Jennifer Savage Assistant Professor of Nursing/Director of FNP Program 423-869-6632 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-227 Nursing [email protected]
Chelsea Saylor Administrative Assistant/Data & Scheduling Clerk 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Physical Plant Administration [email protected]
Sandra Saylor Assistant Coordinator of Financial Aid Operations 423-869-6388 DAR-Whitford Hall-107 Financial Aid [email protected]
Jon Scarborough Anatomy Scholar, Harrogate DCOM-210 DCOM [email protected]
Jennifer Schaeffer Rotations Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-6609 DCOM-104 DCOM [email protected]
Sheri Schatz Academic Support and Career Services Counselor 423-869-6842 Finley Resource Center-109 Student Services [email protected]
Matthew Schexnayder Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology College of Veterinary Medicine-261 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Elizabeth Schmidt Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy 865-338-5687 WKNOX Bldg 2-273 Occupational Therapy [email protected]
Paul Schmidt Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine 423-869-6479 DVTC-SA105 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Sheree Schneider Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems 423-869-6369 Business and Education Bldg.-142 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Henry Schrader Assistant Professor of Marketing 865-909-6983 Cedar Bluff-194 Graduate Business [email protected]
Joe Seabolt Plumber/Maintenance Worker 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Maintenance [email protected]
Jeffrey Seagle Instructional Technologist 423-869-6718 DCOM-341 DCOM [email protected]
Roger Seals Heavy Equipment Operator/Maintenance Worker 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Maintenance [email protected]
Jenna Seavy Coordinator for Student Activities & Engagement 423-869-6248 Student Center-308A Student Services [email protected]
April Seiber Knoxville Physician Assistant Program Administrative Assistant - Clinical 865-338-5769 WKNOX Bldg 1-128 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Martin Sellers Dean, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences & Professor of Government 423-869-6815 Avery Hall-101 School of Arts [email protected]
Misti Sellers Media Specialist 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-BB Information Services [email protected]
Sarah Senter Head of Health Sciences Librarians 865-531-4119 Cedar Bluff-135 Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
Tammy Shackleford Director of Accounts Payable and Purchasing 423-869-6817 Grant-Lee Hall-124 Finance tammy.shackle[email protected]
Autumn Sharp Veterinary Medical Technology Animal Care Supervisor 423-869-6343 Schenck Building-105 Allied Health [email protected]
Alyssa Shaver Head Women's Lacrosse Coach 423-869-6224 LMU Lacrosse Complex-101 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Amanda Shaw Athletic Trainer Tex Turner Arena-001 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Lisa Shelburne Director of Career Services, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423-869-6832 DCOM-328 DCOM [email protected]
Thomas Shell Assistant Professor of Chemistry 423-869-6379 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-336 Chemistry and Physics [email protected]
Joshua Shepherd Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies & Academic Remediation Specialist 423-869-7403 DCOM-408 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Hans Sherrod Mental Health Counselor 865-338-5747 WKNOX Bldg 1-171 Office of Counseling/ADA [email protected]
Thomas Shields Visiting Assistant Professor of Law Duncan School of Law-313 Law School [email protected]
Jeanna Shiflet Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Andrea Shipley Executive Assistant to the VPAA 423-869-6008 Grant-Lee Hall-131 Academic Affairs/Provost [email protected]
Barbara Shock Associate Professor of Biology - Conservation Biology 423-869-7180 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-333 Biology [email protected]
Celia Shoffner Director, Alumni Engagement and External Affairs, CVM 423-869-6536 College of Veterinary Medicine-307 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Melissa Short Benefits Administrator 423-869-6825 Grant-Lee Hall-221 Human Resources [email protected]
Lisa Siino Assistant Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine 865-338-5745 WKNOX Bldg 1-218 DCOM [email protected]
Micha Simons Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Center for Innovation 423-869-6694 College of Veterinary Medicine-241 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Michael Simpson Groundskeeper Maintenance Building Grounds [email protected]
Carolyn Singer Instructor of Nursing, Cedar Bluff 865-531-4127 Cedar Bluff-169 Nursing [email protected]
Christina Singleton Custodian 423-869-6464 Maintenance Building Custodial [email protected]
Carrie Skaggs Instructor of Nursing, Tampa 813-331-4650 Florida Hospital of Tampa-129 Nursing [email protected]
Tonya Skidmore Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies & Academic Coordinator 423-869-6584 DCOM-424 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Ricky Slaven Director of Students and Academic Advancement 423-869-6453 DCOM-316 DCOM [email protected]
Tyler Slick Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 423-869-6242 Tex Turner Arena-001 Athletic Administration [email protected]
Monika Slowinski Executive Administrative Coordinator 423-869-7063 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-320C School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Jonathan Smallwood Museum Specialist 423-869-6235 A. Lincoln Museum-2Resch Lincoln Library and Museum [email protected]
Annette Smith Didactic Coordinator, Physician Assistant Program 423-869-6578 DCOM-434 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Ashley Smith Technical Services & Metadata Librarian 423-869-7170 Finley Resource Center-110 Finley Learning Resources Ctr [email protected]
Clandis Smith Network Administrator, Information Services 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Janet Smith Executive Assistant to the President 423-869-6287 President's Office-PRESID President [email protected]
Jason Smith Director of Legal Writing & Assistant Professor of Law, Duncan School of Law 865-545-5342 Duncan School of Law-312 Law School [email protected]
Kristen Smith Administrative Assistant, Graduate Education, Cedar Bluff 865-531-4110 Cedar Bluff-118 Education [email protected]
Madeleine Smith OMM Scholar DCOM-210 DCOM [email protected]
Matthew Smith Network Security Administrator 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Trinity Smith Custodian Maintenance Building-MAINT Custodial [email protected]
William Smith Computer Support Technician 423-869-7411 Duke Hall-101 Information Services [email protected]
Leah Snodgrass Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Chair of Psychiatry 423-869-6468 DCOM-120 DCOM [email protected]
Sandra Southern Assistant Professor of Medical Technology 423-869-7144 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-111 School of Medical Sciences [email protected]
Carla Sowders Security Officer (VA Site) 423-869-6090 DVTC-Frt De Security [email protected]
Angie Sowers Instructor of Nursing 423-869-6567 Baptist Health Corbin-208 Nursing [email protected]
Michael Spadafora Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy - Msk 865-338-5678 WKNOX Bldg 2-215 DCOM [email protected]
Laura Spain Athletics Clerk 423-869-6285 Tex Turner Arena-ARENA Athletic Administration [email protected]
Dawn Spangler Small Animal Clinical Skills Director & Associate Professor 423-869-6522 DVTC-SA107 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Laura Spickard Administrative Assistant to CVM Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Admissions 423-869-6549 College of Veterinary Medicine-314 College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Kendall Stagg Associate Director of Career Services, Knoxville 865-338-5701 WKNOX Bldg 1-140 DCOM [email protected]
William Standifer Off-Site Facilities Manager 423-869-6406 LMU Infrastructure Mgmt. Construction [email protected]
Ashley Stanley Assistant Professor of Education 865-531-4116 Cedar Bluff-125 Post Baccalaureate Programs [email protected]
Ines Starkey Coordinator, Recruitment & Support Services - Tampa 813-331-4614 Florida Hospital of Tampa-139 Nursing [email protected]
Allison Starnes-Anglea Director of Career Services & Recruiting 865-545-5329 Duncan School of Law-242 Law School [email protected]
Glenna Steelman Instructor of Nursing 423-869-6569 Baptist Health Corbin-215 Nursing