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Information for Survivors

Anatomical Donation Program

Information for Survivors


If I am a donor, what should my family do in the event of my death?

At home: Contact attending physician, if not reached, contact the coroner's office in the county of death or police department. Once the deceased is released, the next of-kin or executor should contact the medical school for transport.

At hospital or care facility: Personnel at the facility will contact the proper authorities. Once the deceased is released please contact the medical school for transport.

Outside servicing limits: If death occurs outside of the servicing limit of the medical school, we will do all we can to assist the family in finding another institution in need of donors near to where death occurred.

Transport: After the medical school has been contacted by the next-of-kin, arrangements will be made for transport of the deceased from place of death to the funeral home servicing the medical school.

Time of study: Research and study may be conducted for up to two years at the Medical School.

Completed Studies: Once studies are complete, remains are cremated and ashes are either sent back to the family or can be interred by the University according to the policies of the LMU/DCOM Anatomical Donation Program.


The following information is an extended guideline to help the donors loved ones carry out their wishes at their time of death.

In the event of the donor's death, the Anatomical Donation Program at LMU-DCOM should be notified immediately by phone at 423.869.6745 or 585.7428 during normal business hours (M-F, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.). After hours and or weekends please phone 865.585.7428 or 423.869.6911 for transportation of the body to the institution. Transport outside the designated service area of the program will not be covered by the University. Within the limits set forth by LMU-DCOM, transportation costs will be covered by LMU-DCOM.

In the unfortunate event the donation is declined by the program alternative arrangements should already be in place.

Unfortunately, in order to meet the criteria for Anatomical donation the deceased cannot be held for memorial services. Families are free to hold memorial services without the body present as they wish. Additionally, each year faculty, staff, and students will hold a ceremony to recognize donors. Families and friends are welcome to attend. Donor families will be notified in advance of the memorial ceremony.

The University will not be financially responsible for ceremonies held outside the program.

All remains will be cremated. There are no exceptions. The cost of cremation will be paid for by the University.

You can feel comforted to know that respect, dignity, and security of your loved one is our highest priority. Donors are ALWAYS handled with the highest degree of professionalism.


Pamela Nelson, Body Donation Coordinator/Administrative Assistant for Anatomy
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