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Clinical Medicine

Clinical Medicine

The clinical years (OMS III and OMS IV) will consist of hospital and office-based training. Entry into any OMS III rotation requires successful completion of the entire course of study of the second year and the Comprehensive Basic Science Review course.

During the OMS III year, the student will be assigned to a core clinical rotational site. Each core site will be centered on a carefully selected hospital with sufficient resources to provide the third-year curricular plan. The core hospital experience within the site will consist of:

4 weeks: Behavioral Health

8 weeks: Internal Medicine

4 weeks: General Surgery

4 weeks: Women's Health

4 weeks: Pediatrics

8 weeks: Family Medicine

4 weeks: Surgical Selective

8 weeks: Electives

4 weeks: Vacation/Independent Study

The OMS IV curriculum is intended to build on the foundational experience provided during the OMS III academic year. These experiences are in settings where more demands for independence can be expected of the senior medical student. The required rotations include:

4 weeks: Emergency Medicine

4 weeks: Rural/Underserved Outpatient Care

Six: 4-week electives

4 weeks: Medical Elective

4 weeks: Rural/Underserved Elective