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Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Office Department Email
Dennis Arnold Director of Student Life-DCOM 423-869-6575 DCOM-309 DCOM [email protected]
Jason Austin Center for Simulation and Training Manager 423-869-6052 College of Veterinary Medicine-209 DCOM [email protected]
Sylvia Bailey Administrative Assistant, BMS/DCOM Research 423-869-6548 DCOM-223 DCOM [email protected]
Rebecca Baker Director of Curriculum Mapping 423-869-6023 DCOM-224 DCOM [email protected]
Rebecca Barnett Clinical Affiliations Manager 423-869-7082 DCOM-129 DCOM [email protected]
Drew Benedict Director of Operations LMU DCOM Knoxville 865-338-5704 WKNOX Bldg 1-229 DCOM [email protected]
Kody Benson Simulation and Training Technician DCOM, Knoxville WKNOX Bldg 1-191 DCOM [email protected]
Amy Bishop Anatomy Assistant, Knoxville 865-338-5713 WKNOX Bldg 1-102 DCOM [email protected]
Mary Bolton Director of Examination & Assessment Services 423-869-7161 DCOM-340 DCOM [email protected]
Carla Brandon Coordinator of Examination Services 423-869-6509 DCOM-308E DCOM [email protected]
Kaitlin Bray Administrative Assistant for Clinical Affairs 423-869-6237 DCOM-106 DCOM [email protected]
Laura Bryant Student Activities Coordinator, DCOM, Knoxville 865-338-5710 WKNOX Bldg 1-138 DCOM [email protected]
Jeremy Buchanan Project Manager, Interprofessional Education (IPE) Development 423-869-6043 DCOM-215 DCOM [email protected]
Whitney Cantwell Nurse Educator 1 423-869-6819 College of Veterinary Medicine-218 DCOM [email protected]
Madeline Caylor Admissions & Student Services Coordinator 423-869-6910 DCOM-317 DCOM [email protected]
Dawn Chesnut Learning Specialist 423-869-6051 DCOM-326 DCOM [email protected]
Bethany Chumley Rotations Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-6098 DCOM-103 DCOM [email protected]
Amanda Collins Anatomy Lab Facilities Manager DCOM LMU-Knoxville 865-338-5762 WKNOX Bldg 1-101 DCOM [email protected]
Elysha Crosby Anatomy Assistant 423-869-6506 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-404 DCOM [email protected]
Evelyn Cross Nurse Educator, Knoxville 865-338-5730 WKNOX Bldg 1-190 DCOM [email protected]
Amy Drittler Director of Alumni Services and CME, DCOM 423-869-6252 DCOM-327 DCOM [email protected]
Emily Engle Coordinator of Career, CME, and Alumni Services 423-869-6013 DCOM-329 DCOM [email protected]
Joshua Engle Data and Quality Assurance Manager 423-869-6070 DCOM-219 DCOM [email protected]
Lovella Fitzovich Coordinator of Examination Services, DCOM LMU Knoxville 865-338-5702 WKNOX Bldg 1-150 DCOM [email protected]
Tracey Fritts-Lay Administrative Assistant for Admissions & Student Services 865-338-5676 WKNOX Bldg 1-137 DCOM [email protected]
Wendy Fultz Rotations Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-7005 DCOM-104 DCOM [email protected]
Madeline Garren Receptionist DCOM at LMU-Knoxville 865-338-5800 DCOM [email protected]
Carolyn Gulley Director of Health Sciences Research & Grants 423-869-6291 DCOM-213 DCOM [email protected]
Maria Harris Associate Director of Admissions 423-869-6290 DCOM-320 DCOM [email protected]
Christopher Harrison Director of Academic Support, Knoxville 865-338-5705 WKNOX Bldg 1-144 DCOM [email protected]
Aimee Hendrickson Rotations Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-6463 DCOM-109 DCOM [email protected]
Melissa Hensley Rotations Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-7133 DCOM-108 DCOM [email protected]
Rachel Hickman Research Assistant/Lab Manager WKNOX Bldg 3-108 DCOM [email protected]
Heather Honeycutt Administrative Assistant for Admissions & Student Services, DCOM 423-869-6512 DCOM-3AS DCOM [email protected]
Caitlin Hoskins Nurse Educator 423-869-7149 College of Veterinary Medicine-203 DCOM [email protected]
Kari Hoskins Clinical Relations Manager 423-869-7406 DCOM-313 DCOM [email protected]
Jevon Joseph Director of Recruitment and Outreach, DCOM 423-869-6576 DCOM-322 DCOM [email protected]
Jacia Kpana Administrative Assistant for Clinical Medicine, DCOM Knox 865-338-5745 WKNOX Bldg 1-141 DCOM [email protected]
Chelsey Lowe Rotations Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-7443 DCOM-107 DCOM [email protected]
Julie Loyke Pediatric and FM Nurse Practitioner LMU-DCOM 423-869-6022 Student Center-315 DCOM [email protected]
Robin Mace Director of Admissions, DCOM 423-869-6747 DCOM-321 DCOM [email protected]
Charles Manning Simulation and Training Coordinator 423-869-6248 College of Veterinary Medicine-110 DCOM [email protected]
Kristen Mason Administrative Assistant for Master of Science Program 423-869-7773 DCOM-211 DCOM [email protected]
Shelley McClelland Clinical Didactics Administrative Coordinator 423-869-7087 DCOM-114 DCOM [email protected]
Lisa Meager Learning Specialist, DCOM, Knoxville 865-338-5732 WKNOX Bldg 1-153 DCOM [email protected]
Amy Morrison Administrative Assistant for IPE and Simulation 423-869-7185 DCOM-221 DCOM [email protected]
Wendy Moyers Rotations Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-6424 DCOM-111 DCOM [email protected]
Stephanie Mullins Student Services Coordinator 865-338-5696 WKNOX Bldg 1-139 DCOM [email protected]
Pamela Nelson Anatomy Coordinator and Anatomical Donation Manager, DCOM 423-869-6745 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-409 DCOM [email protected]
Carrie North Executive Assistant to Dean & Chief Academic Officer, DCOM 423-869-6297 DCOM-334 DCOM [email protected]
Jill Parks Director of Operations 423-869-6710 DCOM-333 DCOM [email protected]
Clark Payne Student Activities Coordinator, DCOM, Harrogate 423-869-7077 DCOM-309A DCOM [email protected]
Aaron Phillips Director of Academic Support 423-869-6563 DCOM-325 DCOM [email protected]
Mona Price Coordinator for Examination Services 423-869-6590 DCOM-308D DCOM [email protected]
Debbie Redmond DeBusk School of Osteopathic Medicine Receptionist 423-869-7200 DCOM-Atrium DCOM [email protected]
Christine Rogers Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer 865-338-5753 WKNOX Bldg 1-230 DCOM [email protected]
Lea Roy Clinical Relations Coordinator DCOM-314 DCOM [email protected]
Jennifer Russell Assistant Director of Admissions, DCOM 423-869-7011 DCOM-319 DCOM [email protected]
Amy Sandefur Academic Affairs/Curriculum Coordinator 423-869-7056 DCOM-233 DCOM [email protected]
Preston Sangster Administrative Assistant - Admissions and Clinical Education 865-338-5746 WKNOX Bldg 2-233 DCOM [email protected]
Kristie Satterfield Director of Admissions and Student Services for Master of Science Programs 423-869-6586 DCOM-212 DCOM [email protected]
Jennifer Schaeffer Rotations Coordinator, DCOM 423-869-6609 DCOM-312 DCOM [email protected]
Jeffrey Seagle Instructional Technologist 423-869-6718 DCOM-341 DCOM [email protected]
Lisa Shelburne Director of Career Services, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423-869-6832 DCOM-328 DCOM [email protected]
Ricky Slaven Director of Students and Academic Advancement 423-869-6453 DCOM-316 DCOM [email protected]
Angie Smolinsky Administrative Assistant, Graduate Medical Education, DCOM 423-869-6674 DCOM-3ES DCOM [email protected]
Kendall Stagg Associate Director of Career Services, Knoxville 865-338-5701 WKNOX Bldg 1-140 DCOM [email protected]
Ava Stanczak Part-Time Preceptor Development Coord & Prof of Pediatrics DCOM-205 DCOM [email protected]
Shane Sumner Administrative Assistant, Clinical Medicine, DCOM 423-869-6247 DCOM-124 DCOM [email protected]
Angela Sutphin Medical Assistant/Nurse 423-869-6249 Student Center-315 DCOM [email protected]
Anita Sutton Rotations Director 423-869-6497 DCOM-110 DCOM [email protected]
Jessica Sweeny Assessment Data Specialist & Director of Curriculum Mapping 865-338-5686 WKNOX Bldg 1-147 DCOM [email protected]
Randy Thompson Standardized Patient Program Coordinator DCOM 865-338-5744 WKNOX Bldg 1-177 DCOM [email protected]
Tina Thompson Fourth Year Rotations Coordinator LMU-DCOM 423-869-6750 DCOM-311 DCOM [email protected]
Melinda Turner Assistant Director of Assessment and Faculty Development 423-869-7439 DCOM-338 DCOM [email protected]
Kirk Wallace Director, Simulation and Training 865-338-5695 WKNOX Bldg 1-209 DCOM [email protected]
Lisa Wallace Administrative Assistant for Basic Medical Sciences, Knoxville 865-338-5709 WKNOX Bldg 1-223 DCOM [email protected]
Morgan Wheeler Standardized Patient/Patient Model Program Coordinator 423-869-6073 College of Veterinary Medicine-109 DCOM [email protected]
Ronald Wilde Director of Anatomy Lab Facilities/LMU-DCOM & Director of the Anatomical Donation Program 423-869-6531 Hamilton Math & Science Bldg-412 DCOM [email protected]
Karen Yearwood Clinical Didactics Administrative Coordinator 865-338-5694 WKNOX Bldg 1-160 DCOM [email protected]
Rebecca Yearwood Administrative Assistant for Assessment Services, Knoxville 865-338-5743 WKNOX Bldg 1-142 DCOM [email protected]