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What is MyLMU?
MyLMU is the LMU faculty, student, and staff web portal. By logging into MyLMU, you can check your class schedule, access Blackboard, view University announcements and news, retrieve important documents, register for classes, pay your fees, and more. This is a central location for all university information, and should be checked frequently.

How do I access MyLMU?
MyLMU is located on the top right of the LMU homepage ( Click the MyLMU link and enter your Username and Password.

What is my Username and Password?
Contact the LMU Information Systems Helpdesk at 423.869.7411 (extension 7411 on-campus) or [email protected] to obtain your username and password.

What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is the web-based learning management system used at LMU. Blackboard provides a mechanism to for students to receive class resources, submit assignments, view individual class grades, communicate with their instructor, and much more. Contact us for information.

I don't know how to use Blackboard, can you help me?
Blackboard is a very intuitive interface. Do not be afraid to login and explore. If you are stuck, there is a Blackboard Help and Blackboard Training Videos link in Blackboard. If you still cannot find what you are looking for or if you are encountering any errors or other technical issues, contact the CTLE for training and assistance at  [email protected] or 423-869-6268. You may also reach the LMU Helpdesk at 423-869-7411 or submit a support ticket via email ( [email protected] ).

How do I access my LMU email?
LMU supports a web based email client that can be accessed from any computer that has access to the Internet. The syntax for LMU student email addresses is [email protected].   In the event two students have the same first and last name, a sequential number is added to the end of the last name, ([email protected]). We encourage our students to use their LMU email accounts for all communication during their tenure at LMU.

I prefer Gmail, do I still have to use my LMU student email account?

Yes, and students are encouraged to use their LMU email accounts for all communication during their tenure at LMU.

LMU Student Email Policy
Electronic mail (email), like postal mail, is an official mechanism for administrators, faculty, staff and students to communicate with each other. The University expects that email communications will be received and read in a timely manner. Students are expected to check email on a frequent and regular basis in order to stay current with University-related communications, recognizing that certain communications may be time-critical. If a student receives an official e-mail from a University faculty member, administrator, or staff member and does not read that e-mail any subsequent repercussions cannot be excused by "unread e-mail messages." (2015-2016 LMU Student Handbook, p. 15)

What is Turnitin and how do I use it?
Turnitin is both a stand-alone website and a Blackboard integrated application for plagiarism prevention and detection. Turnitin checks submitted papers again 20+ billion web pages, 220+ million student papers, and library databases and publications. The Turnitin "Originality Report" shows how much of the student's paper matches content in the Turnitin databases and allows instructors to easily see how much of the paper is unoriginal.

Where are LMU computer labs located?

  • Library Lower Level
  • Library Laptops
  • Library Second Floor (in the Medical Library)
  • Library Reference Area
  • Business Education Building 116
  • Business Education Building 117
  • Business Education Building 213
  • Avery Hall 106
  • Math and Science Building 212
  • Math and Science Building 207
  • Tagge Center (located in the Library)
  • Extended Learning Site: Corbin
  • Extended Learning Site: Cedar Bluff 132
  • Extended Learning Site: Cedar Bluff 187
  • Extended Learning Site: Cedar Bluff Library Laptops
  • Extended Learning Site: Alcoa 104

Where can I print my documents?
Multifunction units are strategically located in each of the buildings (including our extended campus sites). These units will be available for student use and are fee-based. Students will have an initial quota of 500 pages of printing per semester. Additional prints/copies can be purchased in 100 page increments at a cost of $10.00. For help, troubleshooting, or training on using the web-based printing function, contact the Helpdesk at 423-869-7411 or stop by the Helpdesk in Duke Hall during regular business hours.