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Bb Collaborate

Bb Collaborate Web Conferencing at LMU

Seamless, computer or mobile web conferencing with high quality audio and video is at your fingertips! Collaborate Ultra is a simple, convenient, and reliable communication tool, fully integrated within each Blackboard course. This tool allows faculty and learners to communicate, share screens, and interact as if they are in the same room.

All faculty are enrolled in an Collaborate orientation course in Blackboard titled "Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Web Conferencing: Introduction/Overview." Look for this on your Course List within Blackboard and reach out to the CTLE with any questions!

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Guides

Bb Collaborate Ultra version

Collaborate Ultra Instructions for MODERATORS

Please note: Collaborate resources for students (session participants) are located under the Student section of the CTLE page "Students: Bb Collaborate"