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Editing the Left Nav

If you want to edit the left navigation on your pages you can do so using these methods.  You DO NOT need to edit the left nav file you see in your folder structure on Cascade.  I will not approve ANY edits to the left nav file.  

Proceed to any of the following options:


Adding Links to the Left Nav

Reordering the Left Nav Options



Controlling which pages within the same folder show up in the left nav

You can control which pages within the same folder will show up in that folder's navigation.  This allows you to have pages contained within the same folder, but not have certain pages appear in the left navigation while the rest of the pages will.  This is another way for you to customzie what the end user sees and how they will navigate your website.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the page you are wanting to add/remove from the left navigation
  • Step 2: Click edit

click edit

  • Step 3: Toggle display in navigation

toggle display in nav

Adding links to the left nav that are outside the folder

The left nav file will automatically pull in any page conatined within the same folder that is marked to show up in the left navigation.  You also have the option to link to other pages on or off our website by following this method.  Always use caution when adding a link that goes outside our website.  If you have concerns about a website you are wanting to link to, either do not use it or send it to the Webmaster for confirmation that it is ok to link to.

  • Step 1: Click add content in the top left

click add content

  • Step 2: Click Navigation links

click nav links

  • Step 3: Click the Nav option that reflects what section of the website you wish to add the Navigation link to

click the correct nav link


  • Step 4: Fill out all required fields, then select page, file or external link.  You will then be pompted to either select the page/file, or add the URL for the external link

Click external link and add the URL

Reordering the options in the left nav

You can also customize your left navigation by reordering the options listed.  This allows you to customzie which options are located higher or lower on the list and can affect which options are are put in front of the end user first.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the folder that contains the left navigation you are wanting to reorder
  • Step 2: Click on order in the view options tool bar

Click on order in the view options tool bar


  • Step 3: Click and drag the options listed and place them in whatever order you want.