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  •   FIRE

    Residential Staff are trained to respond to fire and emergency situations. Should a resident smell smoke, hear or see fire immediately sound an alarm or otherwise alert authorities and vacate the building.

    Report fire to Campus Police and Security at 423.869.6911 or dial 911
    Remain calm
    Location (building and floor and room number)
    Type of emergency (fire pull station, smoke detector, unknown)
    Staff should proceed to help evacuate the building and wait for the proper authorities
    Staff should never silence an alarm
    Once outside the building, please restrain residents from re-entering unless approved by Fire Chief or Campus Police and Security


    Each semester, every dormitory shall practice fire alarm drills at the beginning of each semester and randomly throughout the semester. Fire alarm drills are to be taken seriously and procedures followed as if it were an actual emergency. Residential Life Staff are trained at the beginning of the semester and the staff member on site will be responsible for following procedures.

    Each time a Fire Alarm is sounded in your building a Fire Alarm and Drill Report should be completed
    This report must be e-mailed to the Senior RD, the building RD, and the Director of Residential Life within 24 hours of the alarm.


    Once University Officials are notified of a tornado warning, the implementation of the Tornado Emergency Plan is the responsibility of all members of the University community. The LMU Campus Police and Security Office Staff has the following additional roles and responsibilities.

    Obtaining information in the event the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for the campus community
    Notifying high risk facilities of the tornado warning
    Receiving information about confirmation of tornado
    Warning pedestrians of dangers while monitoring and reporting any indications of confirmed tornado
    Issuing the LiveSafe notification alert.


    If a tornado watch is issued for the campus area, an alert will be broadcasted over the NOAA public alert radio and local TV and radio stations. There is no City of Harrogate emergency siren.

    If a tornado warning is issued for the campus area, the LMU Campus Police and Security Office will notify the University community. The University community will be notified via LiveSafe notification alert or other appropriate modality. The LMU Campus Police and Security Office will make a special point to notify representatives at each high risk facility by contacting the designated person for high risk facilities. The information given shall pertain to the type of warning, a time of when the warning will expire, and any further directions.

    The LMU Campus Police and Security Office will issue an all clear once the warning/watch has been lifted.


    During a tornado warning, follow the procedure listed below.
    Inside Buildings:

    Stay away from all windows and doors
    If time permits, go to the interior hallway on the lowest floor
    Move to an interior corridor away from windows
    Stay away from lobbies, walkways, atriums, and other large glassed-in areas, and large open areas with a long roof span
    If available, take cell phone, radio and flashlight
    Crouch down along the wall and protect your head with your hands from possible debris
    Remain at the sheltered area until given the all clear by LMU Campus Police and Security Office
    At the beginning of each semester a designated evacuation location will be assigned to residential students
    Outside of Buildings:

    When instructed or conditions warrant, seek shelter in the nearest building
    Stay away from all windows and doors
    Move to an interior corridor away from windows
    Stay away from lobbies, walkways, atriums and other large glassed-in areas, and large open areas with a long roof span
    If there is no shelter available, lie in a ditch or other earthen depression; and never attempt to outrun a tornado
    Once an all-clear has been given, follow the procedure below:

    If the building was not affected by incident, return to your previous location; and if your building was affected by the incident, attempt to safely exit the building. If unable to do so, seek help by calling the LMU Campus Police and Security Office at 423-869-6911. If no telephone is available, try to get the attention of outside personnel by making noise, such as yelling.

    LMU Campus Police and Security Office personnel will patrol campus following the incident to assist those affected and to dispatch additional emergency response teams if necessary.

Emergencies for the Extended Learning Sites: Listed below are phone numbers to call in case of emergency for each site.


    TN (Alcoa City Center, 234 E. Howe Street, Alcoa, TN 37701) -

    VPS – 865-585-0181 or dial 911


    (421 Park 40 North Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37923) –

    VPS – 865-585-0973 / 865-693-1570 or dial 911


    (Chattanooga State Community College (4501 Amnicola Highway, Chattanooga, TN 37406) – CSCC Campus Police – 423-697-4400 or dial 911

  •   CORBIN, KY

    (Tri-County Square Shopping Center, 14892 N. US Hwy 25E, Suite 210, Corbin, KY 40701) – VPS – 423-419-9966 or dial 911


    (203 DeBusk Farm Drive, Ewing, VA 24248) –

    Call 423-869-6090 / 865-585-2048 or dial 911


    (601 West Summit Hill Drive, Knoxville, TN 37920) –

    VPS – 865-221-9409 / 865-545-5300 or dial 911


    (300 W. Market Street, Kingsport, TN 37660) – Dial 911


    (9737 Cogdill Road, Knoxville, TN 37932) – VPS – 423-419-0031 or dial 911


    (900 E. Oak Hill Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37917) –

    VPS – 865-585-4344 or dial 911

  •   TAMPA

    (Florida Hospital Tampa Healthpark (3102 E. 138th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33613) –

    VPS – 865-278-0244 or dial 911

*(VPS) - Volunteer Protective Security Services


In the event the victim needs medical attention at the Harrogate campus, call Campus Police and Security at 423.869.6911. At any extended site, call 911. Otherwise any intervention is victim driven. There are several options available both on campus and in the community.


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