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Emergency Siren

Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) has installed an Eclipse 8 omnidirectional siren to alert the community of public safety or weather-related emergencies on its main campus in Harrogate, Tennessee. The siren has been installed on the roof of the Tex Turner Arena at the back of campus. The LMU Police and Security control center will administer the siren.

The emergency siren is intended only to warn campus occupants that may be outside of buildings of impending severe weather or campus safety threats. The siren is intended to be an adjunct warning tool and will not replace any facet of LMU's current alert system, LiveSafe notification alert. It will work in conjunction with the system as another layer of communication. The Weather warning siren will be activated whenever severe weather is anticipated to pass through or near the Harrogate area and there is sufficient time to process the warning. As weather is very difficult to predict and severe weather may develop suddenly and without notice, the weather warning siren may not be able to be activated for every occurrence.

A two signal system will be employed through the siren. A steady tone will indicate a weather emergency, like a tornado warning. A low-high repeater tone will indicate a public safety threat. Both warnings should alert people to take appropriate action immediately.

Weather Emergency

Public Safety Threat

During an actual emergency it may be hard to distinguish between the two signals. Regardless of which siren is activated the same initial actions are indicated:

  • Stop
  • Evaluate your surroundings and immediately seek information
  • Be prepared to take immediate self-protective action