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Board of Directors

Executive Director

Dr. Charles M. Hubbard

Associate Director

Mr. Stewart Harris, JD

Board of Directors

Mr. Rob Barger Mr. Stephen McMurtry, JD
Judge James L. Cotton, Jr., JD Mr. Todd V. McMurtry, JD
Dr. Cullom Davis (Emeritus) Dr. Edna Greene Medford
Dr. B. James Dawson Mr. Jerry Sexton
Mr. Sam D. Elliott, JD Mr. Tom Trotter
Ms. Sara Gabbard Ms. Eleanor Yoakum

Ex officio Board Members

President of Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) - Dr. Clayton Hess
Director of the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum - Mr. Michael Lynch, MA
Dean, LMU Paul V. Hamilton School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences - Dr. Martin Sellers
Dean, LMU Carter and Moyers School of Education - Dr. Sylvia Lynch
Dean, LMU Duncan School of Law - The Honorable Gary R. Wade, JD
Advisor to the LMU President - Dr. Evelyn G. Smith

Research Fellows

Mr. Akram Faizer, JD
Dr. John Grove
Ms. Natalie Sweet, MA


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