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Conduct & Community Standards

Welcome to the Office of 

Community Standards

Community Standards


We are so glad you have chosen to join the Railsplitter family.

In Student Services, we aim to help you maximize the potential of your experience as a Railsplitter by adhering to this philosophy of President Lincoln. In the Office of Community Standards, we have the privilege and responsibility of helping our Railsplitters by creating and cultivating a thriving Railsplitter Community - one that fosters mutual respect for self, others, and the world around us. This will help the Railsplitters grow in their understanding of President Lincoln's aforementioned “cause and effect." Your decisions and behaviors will play a vital role in ensuring that your LMU experience is full of learning, fun new experiences, growth, and relationships that will last a lifetime.

The Railsplitter Nation is more than just a close-knit community of students, faculty, & staff—we’re a family!

Railsplitter Community Standards Guide

In the pages of the Railsplitter Community Standards Guide, you will find helpful information that details our expectations for the Railsplitter Community. In order for our community to thrive, we must all own our part in fostering an atmosphere of respect: for each other, for our beautiful campus & facilities, and for our own personal health and safety. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the contents of this Community Standards Guide and let it serve as a guide to your LMU experience.

Welcome to the Railsplitter Community, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

Community Standards Guide

Report an Incident

Do you wish to report an incident to the Office of Community Standards? Doing so will initiate an investigation into whether or not there was a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Please fill out the electronic incident reporting form below. By submitting the report, you are authorizing the Office of Community Standards to contact you to gather any additional statements or supporting evidence.

Electronic Incident Report


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Electronic Submission of Requirements/ Sanctions

Do you have something due to the Office of Community Standards? We have created an easy way for you to submit your items. Simply click the button below!


Submission of Sanctions/Requirements:

Electronic Submission Form

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Conduct Appeals Form

Do you wish to appeal the outcome of your case? The Appeals Process is outlined in the Railsplitter Community Standards Guide. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the Appeals Process before submitting your request. 

If you wish to submit an appeal, please complete the form below: 


Meet the Assistant Dean of Students, Chief Conduct Officer

Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) is committed to the personal and academic excellence of each student. Students are individually and collectively responsible for their behavior and fully accountable for their actions. The Office of Community Standards has a responsibility to each of the students at LMU to ensure the Code of Conduct via the Railsplitter Community Standards Guide is upheld. The Conduct Process is designed to help students better understand and reinforce the policies that have been designed to promote personal and academic success. The primary goal of the conduct process is to be an educational opportunity for students to reflect on their decisions to redirect future decision-making. 

Contact Information:
Mr. Dawson Delph
Assistant Dean of Students
DAR Hall 218

[email protected]