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Alumni Mentoring Program

LMU's Alumni Mentoring Program is a new endeavor between the Office of Career Services and the Alumni Services Office set to launch Spring 2018. This new program seeks to pair motivated students with successful LMU alumni who have volunteered their time to guide students in the career planning process. A mentor is a combination of a coach, counselor, advisor, and confidant. Mentors can use their experience and education to participants so they can build their professional networks and finalize their career goals.

Who can participate?

The program is open to any alumni who is employed either full-time or retired and would be interested in dedicating their time to mentor a current junior or senior level LMU student.

How do I join the program?

Complete the registration form on the Alumni Services site: LINK HERE. This form will include your contact information, degree designation, current employer, and other relevant details. Once you fill out an application, you will be contacted with more information about the program.

What is the time commitment?

Time involved can vary depending on the individual circumstances of the partnership. You may be answering an email every few weeks or you may be willing to visit campus and have lunch with your mentee if you live nearby. As an official LMU Alumni Mentor, you can determine the number of hours you're willing to dedicate to the program within your application. Face-to-face meetings are not required; the mentor/mentee relationship can be done 100% virtual through phone calls, texts, emails, and Skype sessions. The amount of time you're willing to dedicate is in your hands, we expect our students to be respectful of your time.

What all is expected of me, will students think I can get them a job at my company?

Students will understand that this program is not a recruitment program of any sort. Your primary goal is to provide guidance, general career advice, resume critiques, encouragement, networking opportunities, and overall inspiring excellence from them as LMU students and job seekers.

What type of students will be participating in the program?

Interested students will fill out an application and be matched to a mentor based on their program of study and career interests. The program is open to all junior and senior level students who hold at least a 2.5 GPA and show motivation in career planning and goal setting as based on their application.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Both mentor and mentee are responsible for maintaining meaningful contact with one another. Both mentor and mentee are agreeing to commit to an active one-year partnership, which will be a rewarding and beneficial experience for everyone involved.


Signing up is easy!

Alumni Application Link

  • Make a difference in the life of a current LMU student
  • Connect with your alma mater in a new way
  • Use this as a unique way to give back!

Student Application Link

  • Learn the value of a mentoring relationship
  • Obtain real world feedback
  • Learn how to present yourself in the best way in your field of interest
  • Expand your professional network


Thank you for being a continued part of the LMU community and we hope you'll join us on this new journey of mentorship! Please contact the LMU Alumni Association at XXX-XXX-XXXX or email@ with any questions.


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