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Below is a list of forms used by the Office of Student Financial Services. Be sure to select the form for the appropriate academic year.


 2022-2023 Independent Verification Worksheets

2022-2023 Dependent Verification Worksheets


2021-2022 Independent Verification Worksheets

2021-2022 Dependent Verification Worksheets


Professional Judgment Appeal

Loan Request Form

Parent PLUS Loan Form

Steps To Receive My Undergraduate Student Loan

Legal Guardianship/Emancipated Minor Form
Orphan/Ward of the Court/Foster Care Form
Unaccompanied Youth and Homeless Form
Dependency Override Form

Consortium Agreement Request Form

Consortium Agreement

TELS Consortium Agreement

TELS Appeal Form




General Financial Aid Information Handout

Financial Aid Staff Code of Conduct

Rights and Responsibilities of the Financial Aid Recipient



Lincoln Memorial University
Office of Student Financial Services
Cumberland Gap Parkway
Harrogate, TN 37752
1.800.325.0900 ext. 6336
423.869.6347 (fax)

or email us at [email protected]

Note: Do not send email attachments as this is not a secure method of transmitting sensitive information. Please fax, mail, or bring all documents to the Student Financial Services Office for review and processing. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits institutions from speaking to anyone other than the student about their information. We will answer parent's questions generally, but will not violate the student's rights. For specific and detailed email responses, students should email our office from their LMU email accounts.