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How To Apply

In order to receive Federal Student Aid, you are required to complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to Lincoln Memorial University. The FAFSA can be completed at To complete the FAFSA, you must create a FSA ID. The FAFSA is available starting on October 1st of each year, and would need to be completed for each academic year of enrollment. To submit the FAFSA to LMU, use our federal school code, 003502. When completing the FAFSA, you will need to have your federal income tax return and W2 forms (if applicable) available.

After submitting your FAFSA, it takes the U.S. Department of Education 3-5 days to process it. Once your FAFSA is processed, they will send you a copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR), which is a summary of your FAFSA. You should review your SAR for accuracy. If anything is incorrect, you can log back into your FAFSA and make corrections. Once your FAFSA is processed, the U.S. Department of Education will send it to the colleges you listed. Once LMU receives your FAFSA, you will be able to track it through the Financial Aid section of "Webadvisor For Students" in your MyLMU account.

Sometimes we are required to collect additional information or documents from students before we can process financial aid. The U.S. Department of Education randomly selects students for a review process called verification. If you are selected for verification, it will indicate this on your MyLMU account. You will also receive an email from the Office of Student Financial Services notifying you of what documentation you need to submit. For graduate and professional students, the verification of income and household size are waived and the request for those documents may be disregarded. Certain students may be selected to verify high school completion and sign a "Statement of Educational Purpose." The U.S. Department of Education may require documents for reasons other than verification. Students may be flagged for numerous reasons including, but not limited to, citizenship status, loan default, and selective service status. If you are flagged, you will be notified through MyLMU and will also receive an email notifying you about the required documents you need to submit. It is important that you respond to all requests from the Office of Student Financial Services in a timely manner to avoid delays in the processing of your financial aid.

Once your financial aid is processed by LMU, you will receive an email to your LMU email account with instructions on how to view your financial aid award package through MyLMU. New students will also have a letter mailed to their home address. Through MyLMU, you will be able to accept/decline each award. If you wish to borrow less than the amount awarded, you will need to submit a Loan Request Form to the Office of Student Financial Services. Once you have accepted your financial aid, follow the instructions on the Award Completion webpage to finalize your awards.