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The School Counseling Program and Mental Health Counseling Programs at Lincoln Memorial University are Accredited by CACREP, the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs. CACREP Accreditation is a quality review process that ensures the quality, content, and delivery of the counselor education program. The student can be assured that appropriate knowledge and skill areas are included in training and that the program is stable, and meets the highest standards of the Counseling profession.

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LMU Counseling Program Syllabi:

Counseling Common Core - Taken by all MEd Counseling Students (36 credit hours)

COUN 501: Orientation and Ethics in Counseling (3 credit hours)

COUN 521: Career Counseling (3 credit hours)

COUN 531: Social and Cultural Aspects of Counseling (3 credit hours)

COUN 541: Counseling Skills (3 credit hours)

COUN 581: Human Growth and Development (3 credit hours)

COUN 593: Counseling Practicum and Seminar (3 credit hours)

COUN 611: Counseling Theories (3 credit hours)

COUN 621: Crisis Intervention and Consultation (3 credit hours)

COUN 631: Group Counseling (3 credit hours)

COUN 662: Psychopathology (3 credit hours)

COUN 671: Assessment in Counseling (3 credit hours)

EDUC 511: Educational Research and Statistics (3 credit hours)


PreK-12 School Counseling - Concentration Specific Courses (24 credit hours)

CI 501: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (3 credit hours)

CI 516: Motivational Theory and Classroom Management (3 credit hours)

COUN 508: Foundations of School Counseling (3 credit hours)

EDUC 501: Foundations of American Education (3 credit hours)

COUN 698: Internship and Seminar in School Counseling (6 credit hours)

IL 561: School Law and Ethics (3 credit hours)

SPED 530: Special Education and Law, Practice, and Ethics (3 credit hours)


Clinical Mental Health Counseling Concentration Specific Courses (24 credit hours)

COUN 509: Foundations of Mental Health Counseling (3 credit hours)

COUN 551: Personality and Mental Health Issues in Counseling (3 credit hours)

COUN 651: Evidence-Based Treatment and Treatment Planning (3 credit hours)

COUN 669: Psychopharmacology for Counselors (3 credit hours)

COUN 677: Legal and Ethical Issues in Professional Counseling (3 credit hours)

COUN 687: Foundations of Marriage and Family Counseling (3 credit hours)

COUN 699: Internship and Seminar in Mental Health Counseling (6 credit hours)